as we settled in Uldoon we made a few friends, Gruff found an employer in the the Smithy, it is and odd relationship where Gruff works for free and gets yelled at if he arrives late or takes a longer break than expected. Caius makes friends at the council, and he is also very highly thought of by Enna.
Bouw Landers, the monk, has befriended everything that walks the street in Uldoon, even the old woman Narissa.
Kharsus Thantul has done great things with befriending the inn keeper of the crawling cow and he is arranging a big show at the citysquare where Bouw Landers and Kharsus will set up an illusionist/acrobat show.
On one of the following days after our arrival, Roland the wizard, lost our map, it got stolen. We started a search for the Map, but it was hard to make an organized search as bouw and Kharsus practised for their show, Quillin was getting drunk at the inn, Gruff worked very hard at the smithy, so actually the only one searching was our leader, Caius Moonwhisper. He started his search at the citycouncil who had no idea to whom the map could have any interest, but they suggested to copy out of memory. Caius did that but could find no peace not knowing who had stolen the original. He then went to Narissa to ask if she had any knowledge of the map, a map that she had showed some interest in when shown to her.
Caius found her in her garden where he confronted her about the missing map. Nearby, Gruff working at the smithy, saw his friend entering the garden through the opening in the hedge. The next time he looked up from the heat from the forge, Caius was nowhere to be seen and there was no opening to the garden, gruff left the smithy to go check on his friend. No sound came from the garden and Gruff had a difficult time to see any signs of Caius or the old woman, so he drew his axe to cut a hole in the hedge. As he managed to make a peephole in the branches he saw a spectacular sight of a transformed woman who had changed to the worse, beating up the great warrior with the help of her great dog. Gruff decided to join the fight to even out the numbers, but it was a task in itself to get through the hedge, it was as if it was alive and holding him back, but he came through and the two managed to kill of both dog and the old Hag.
She had some interesting things in her possesion, two potions made of the golden crown flower (Raise dead) and some other stuff too.
Somewhere else in town Kharsus and bouw Landers prepared their show, and at night they made a spectacular performance with a mix of acrobatics and illusions with lots of highlights and surely a night to be remembered by most of the citizens of Uldoon.
But they could not rest on their laurels, and only a few days after, sir garlan Lashkar asks the Moonwhispers to investigate the undergroundcaves near durlags tower.
So they took on the journey to durlags tower leaving without Quilling who had other matters to attend to.
It was no easy task to enter the the caveopening they found near Durlags tower, all around there was goblins and hobgoblins on the lookout. But the heroes managed to enter after quite a beating, but it will only be remembered that they killed of two major enemies, first it was Marzick the devastator a huge hobgoblin leader and after that it was an even bigger foe, Marzicks boss, Azzok the hobgoblin warlord, who fell at the hands of Caius Moonwhisper who fell him with a great swing to Azzoks neck.
now the moonwhisperers were underneath durlags tower and they found themselves starring at an amazing metal doubledoor emanating magic abjuration and the only attempt to open the door missed greatly.
Caius and Gruff to notes of the Dwarven runes that was written in the stones around the door, for examination later, now it was time to return to Uldoon.