Where everyone found politics interesting, Gruff only thought of getting back to retrieve leftovers from the fight. And he did, he collected so much that he could exchange the loot to an order of a platemail, a real platemail Gruff size.
Some groupmembers became members of “Lords alliance” others rejected the strains of a membership, all a matter of interests.
Bouw Landers was offered the Hags estate if he promised to clean up after her reign.
Everyone was sticking to their own business when the council called for a gathering. There was a new tssk for the Moonwhispers: enter Durlags tower from the magicdoor we uncovered. But first we should gather information from the halflings in a small village clpse to the tower.
But before take of, someone in the group conspired against Gruffs odour. They bought him new fine clothes with Moradin symbols embroidered in the fabric. Gruff took the bait and he even to a wash, 3 hours did the job to clean him from years of hygiene neglect.
Then it was of to see the halflings in Gullakin.
We arrived late at night and were invited for a feast of brew and mushrooms. That cocktail almost got the party killed when a late encounter from an army of undeads harassed the village in the middle of the night. All being doused from the meal they had a hard time putting up a fight. But in the end the heroes won through ironwill.
We left another village as heroes when will our luck run out?
Reunited with the basement of the tower I guess we all considered it a minor task to enter through the magic door, a door that would only open with a codeword, which Thantul had figured out from our letter and map in dwarvish , Burakin was the word and we could all enter into a tower that is said that noone leaves again.
Tentacles in the dark