That tower is death, or at least we thought so…
it became a game of hide and seek and a lot of luck, but in the end we kicked Banshees butts, and then it became time to take care of Zlavak, which was a hard fight.
He almost cought us as he beamed himself in and out of the fight and each time he took a party member with him to the dungeons beneath the tower with no obvious way to escape. A lucky call saw us find a weakness in the construction so we dug ourselves out in open air.
Then we prepared ourselves for a final battle against Zlavak, and better organization meant a world of difference. We beat him, we fount his black orb and kind of conquered the tower.
We brought lots of knowledge with us to Uldoon and we also brought the Orb, and then it was stolen from us, by no others than one of our party members: Roland Aerlar.
Now we are all on his tracks, and they lead back towards the tower, maybe he sees himself as the new owner. But if he thinks that we are gonna leave it at that, he is wrong. If his sister Enna thinks that there will be any kind of afterthought when we meet up with him again and that she can hinder a fast trial and execution, she might end up in trouble herself
We are coming in…

Added by DM:

Further, Uldoon was attacked by a Horde of Skeletons marked with the same white skull as you saw before. You aided the village in defending it and prevailed. But the victory came at a great loss as several people including women, children and livestock was slaughtered during the attack.

From another Council meeting you learned that this attack was “only” from a lesser horde out of a huge skeleton horde called the “Dark Army”. You were also informed by the Council that the attack on Uldoon was the most recent in a very critical and dire situation for the Western Heartlands. Most of the Western Heartlands has already been overrun by the horde of skeletons. Beregost, Greenest and Nashkel villages were already in ruins and the surviving inhabitants and government has fled to either Baldurs Gate, Elturel or Beredusk. The Kingdom of Elturgaard as well as Lords Alliance has put out an emergency decree that the lands are now at war. Against whom is not certain, but it is believed that this Dark and foul priest called Dargoth Undeadbringer is part of the cause. a priest which is believed to serve Myrkul “The lord of Bones” – which also explains the white skull on all the skeletons. Among the people this Dark army is also being referred to as “Myrkul skeletons”.

Due to this situation is extremely difficult and very dangerous to travel the Western Heartlands and specially the lands within Kingdom of Elturgaard. This situation has also resulted in that only a few of the normal Council participants were present in Uldoon after the attack.

Red areas= Under Dark army control
Yellow cities= still unconquered and being defended
Candlekeep has been sealed of and shut down

Only Sir Garlan Lashkar, Ulder ravengaard, Lord Dhelt – Captain of the Hellriders and Lady Cylyria Dragonbreast, were present. All were flown in on griffons from the North. These few had to represent Baldurs Gate, Elturgaard and Lords Alliance.

Ulder Ravengaard even brought some Guards from the flaming fist.

The Council thanked the characters for defending Uldoon. Enna, Ulfgar and Caius all gained renown in Lords Alliance equal to become Rank 3 “Stingblades”

Ulder Ravengaard said he would muster and launch Flaming fist army to retake Beregost and Nashkel. Lord Dhelt and Lady Cylyria would muster a joint army of Elturgaard and send it to retake Greenest.

While doing this they need you to take upon the task to hunt Dargoth Undeadbringer. You should stay away from the fallen villages as they are swarmed by the skeleton horde.

One complication has occurred. The orb disappeared during the night from Sir Garlans private residence. Roland Aelar has gone missing. In addition one of “The Riders” horses is also missing. Enna was last seen in an emotional, but private discussion with Caius – hereafter she disappeared as well.

So status is currently four things are not yet found:

Roland Aelar
His sister Enna Aelar
The Black Orb
Dargoth Undeadbringer

The days are growing darker in the heartlands. Hope is starting to disappear among the people of the lands. Hundreds of people including women and children and hundreds of livestock has been slaughtered….. People are asking “for what means?”, “why us?”, “who is behind this threat?” and last but not least: Who will help us and who will save us?……………………

Blue area = Kingdom of Elturgaard
Yellow cities = Elturgaard controlled cities that has pledge allegiance
Orange city (Ieriaebor) = Elturgaard influenced city