Goodbye Boe

”Gruffs goodbye
Some days are bad,
Nights are always sad.
Your eyes, dark, but warm,
Comforting, friendly.
Forever closed.
Some call you mule,
Just an animal.
My friend
You cared, worked,
looked out for me,
Your last breath,
A warning.
I failed.”

We rode out from Uldoon, heading for the tower again in search of Enna and her brother, some would suggest that we only rode out for the orb. As we closed in on the tower we were met by one of Dargoths minions, a messenger skeleton. He was not able to deliver the message in person as we soiled the ground with his bones long before we came close to him. Fortunately his message was texted on a big banner , the words written in blood.

It was a message from Dargoth who seeked our allegiance with a great offer, it was an offer to turn ourselves to the dark side.

We only had to answer yes to lit fire outside Durlags tower. Still we all agreed to stick with Uldoon and our allies there.

We arrived at the tower later that night, finding Enna in front of a huge lit fire. She was yelling her brothers name again and again towards the tower, no answer.

Within minutes everything went anything but according to plans. Quillin announced that he was in contact with Daggoth that demanded our surrender. Enna was hard to reach. Dargoth contacted our Rogue as foretold on the skeletons banner. However the content of the contact was somewhat not fully transparent as it turned out to happen as a “message” inside Quilins head.

From what he shared Dargoth was asking for you to join him and serve him and the god Myrkul. The latter was somewhat a strange request as Myrkul is a dead god – slain in the Time of Troubles by Cyrics blade in Waterdeep close to Blackstaffs Tower.

But from the voice of Dargoth, Quillins sharing and the banner – Myrkul seems to be active a some level providing guidance and power to Dargoth as he referred to himself as the “chosen ones”. You were offered to become his “chosen ones” as well and to take whatever you wanted from Durlags Treasure.

The group had difficulties finding answers to how to handle the ”offers ” from Dargoth, some wanted to join as an excuse to get close to the villain. The paladins had quarrels with their values to trick the bad guy, so the Knight Ulfgar and our Paladin Leader did not really accept this approach. Others wanted to, and one even seemed eager to join for all the wrong reasons.

You and Enna also learnt the brutal truth that Roland was unharmed and well and was standing at the side of Dargoth – having decided to join him and his cause. A message that made Ulfgar even more furious – challenging Dargoth to a honorable fight to the death face to face – which might also have contributed to that the negotiation phase ended rather sudden.

For Enna the message has the opposite effect – devastated and paralyzed by her brothers act she feel to the ground crying.

What messages that were send after this or what “mental” communication that happened after this – if any – is somewhat unknown. Quillin share only limited of this if anything.

The result was we were unable to answer Dargoth in unity he answered with war against us.

All around us a skeleton army emerged, skeleton warriors on skeleton steeds, former minotaurs now minions in this army of Myrkul and other hideous creatures of unknown kind attacked us and our horses who stood no chance against these creatures of death.

Everyone fought for their lives, some more lucky than others. Just as we got the upperhand in this battle we heard sounds from above us and in the light from the fire against the cloudy night sky we saw the most foul creature, a dracolich or skeleton dragon.

We stood no chance and most of us cried out in fear, even the paladins had difficulties to stand ground, they were forfeited. The dragon slayed the three fighter by its lightning breath and took the two holy warriors in its claws and flew away to an unknown destination for us. Both seemed dead when the dragon left. What is strange is that the Draclolich seemed to ignore all the enemies that was in front of it and passed directly by them to the fighters. Even when Kharsus tried to restrain the dragons wings with a web and when Gruff tried to Turn it away with help of Moradin – it ignored it. It seemed completely focussed on the knight and the paladin or the ones that did not want to join Dargoth. But how could it see or know so clearly who among us was the knight and paladin and who among us was against joining Dargoth.

In the aftermath we found ourselves battered and without leader, arguments and blaming in the air.

We entered the tower almost certain that no one was around as we had been scrying the whole place. We found nothing, only this time we had better time to search the areas around the portals on top level. We figured that these portals would take us to our foe, but we had no idea how to turn them on. Kharsus did find out that one of the teleportation circles seemed to lead to something called “The old Temple”. For a moment Quillin lightened up and said he heard the same term – however he stopped himself and became quiet again within seconds.

Quillin and Thantul wanted to seek advice in Uldoon, Gruff wanted to make a proper funeral for Boe, the mule. Enna, still with us stayed along with the monk. Enna still with a vague hope for her brother to regret his move and return to her.

Thantul and Quillin might have some answers for our road ahead as they have made council with Father Bronn in Uldoon about this “old Temple”. They figured out that it referred to an ancient elven temple to Correllion in the south-west part of Wood of Sharp Teeth, which once belonged to a big elven Kingdom called Asvarak.

It sounds as if we will find friends and foes in the woods to the south west, but for now it is was step forward and two step back as status is:

Orb still not retrieved

Dargoth is still to be found

At least we know where we have Roland, but he is also to be found

Our Leader Paladin Caius and our knight Ulfgar might be dead and their bodies are gone.

Boe got slaughtered

It has indeed become a starless night…….