We had lost the battle against the undead dragon, we had lost friends, Gruff had lost his fine mule to the skeleton hordes, those were hard times for the group of adventurers.
Kharsus and Bouw left durlags tower to seek advice in Uldoon, while the rest grieved for their fallen comrades. Gruff grimcleaver spend all night in deep prayers while he burried his mule, Boe.
When the morning sun rose above the trees around the tower and the surviving members of the party had found some rest in the late night, everyone was dumbfounded to see mule alive, grassing in the clearing, while Gruff was sound asleep on the grave he had made himself for his mule. There was no sound explanation for this occurence except that Gruff send many prayers of thankfulness towards the skies while holding his holy symbol of Moradin in his clasped in his hands. Even Ena whom had mourned all night for the loss of her brother, found joy in this miracle.
We set out from the tower again as soon as Kharsus and bouw returned from Uldoon, looking for that old elven temple. First of all, looking out for our lost comrades, secondly to find that cursed “friend ” of ours, Roland Aelar, the third reason to travel them woods was to upbring that Dargoth Undeadbringer.
but the first upstacle was to find that cursed temple in that great forest filled with too many wild animals and too little sunlight. it was really hard to navigate properly.
back and forth, back and forth, never quite knowing the direction.
In the meantime while we were searching in the woods, news got to us that warriors were waiting for us, to join our search, back at the tower. Even though that this was a waste of our time, the group made a decision to include them in the search. some of us were afraid that the extra time we spend searching would mean the death to our friends if there was ever a chance to find them alive.
the 2 newcomers were Sir Conrad Strongarm, a veteran warrior and his squire Jeffry “the just”, whatever that means. they settled well into the group and soon after they joined, we located the old temple ruins.
We entered into what we expected to be the old main entrance, and moved quickly into the room to catch potentiel enemies offguard. We should have done that differently as the only ones who got really surprised were ourselves, when a foul beast, hiding in the ruins, rose up in the middle of it all and made havoc. Everyone was cought of guard and people were hit and tumbling all around the Giant Slug. Except the newcomer Sir Strongarm, he stood his ground and he attacked the slug with a ferocious attack that severed its tentaclehead from its body, and that fight was over before it had really become a fight, and the group had found a new leader for the time being, and ena had found a new love.
after this short fight the group kept going deeper into the ruins, and with the keen eyes of Gruff and his knowledge of stonemasonry he found a hidden door that lead the group to a fine burial chamber, obviously a resting place for some fine elves, long forgotten.
Then another attack came, from the shadows, out of the walls, some ghosts tried to lay their deadly hands on us, and they put up a good fight and two of them fled back into the shadows after encountering us.
We took a long rest in Kharsus marvelous hut, it is this nice warm globe that keeps creepy monsters outside and everyone warm and comfortable on the inside.
after a nice rest we searched on in the ruins and soon we entered a gigantic cave…and a huge skeleton army was waiting in the dark, it was horrifying and we kind of stumbled right into the battle, no strategi, no planning, no nothing but putting out our swords to fight this massive army. and in the back we could get a glimpse of two humanoids, Roland Aelar and whom we guessed to be Dargoth undeadbringer. It was a fierce battle, skeletons crumbled over, but others took their place and it went on and on. But in the middle of the battlefield some strange phenomena, a warp or gate were forming, but we could not get to it, but it held Dargoth from joining the battle.
We were close to be destroyed by that skeltonswarm, but we kept going until suddenly a figure stepped out of the Gate, the Avatar of Myrkul had entered Faerun looking to gain strength in the realms. It talked as we frose by its words, and it offered thanks to Dargoth to make it possible for the avatar to enter Faerun, and then it killed him, outright, he just died at the hands of his own master. Then the Avatar took of, we never found out where.
There we were, fighting the last skeletons whom seemed to had lost their will to fight, and then we confronted our old friend, Roland Aelar, who stood there with the Orb in his hands and claimed his innocence while his sister, blinded by a sisters love for her brother, defended his behaviour to the group. He asked for understanding and that he should be allowed to take his leave without being taken to Uldoon for questioning. Ena was ready to fight for his right. the newcomers had no idea what say about this matter, Quillin seemed more interested in dead corpses than taking care of the orbproblem, so it was left to Kharsus, Bouw and Gruff to handle all the matters at hand. Kharsus convinced Roland to hand over the Orb, but he seemedready to let roland leave, that was not the case for Gruff, who spend time looking through his doctrines to find out how to handle the situation and here is what it ruled “Commitment #Vll: Bring criminals and evildoers to justice” and somewhere else he found a quote saying “if you steal, Moradin will not help you”. So Gruff took a stand in the only obvious escaperoute to keep Roland from leaving, but it was never enough, Roland pushed his sister aside and spoke a few words of magic and disappeared. but it aint over till the fat lady sings, as they say in Waterdeep and it seems that Gruff is looking to hunt him down to make him pay for his sins, one way or the other.