Dusting ourselves off after our encounter with the skeleton army and after ressurecting our “friendship” with Roland, we took a long rest in the tiny hut.
Everyone got up, Gruff removed a skeletonmark from Bouws forehead, and stayed shy of removing any from Quillins forehead as he don´t think that Quillins concerns are concerns of Moradin.
Gruff sculpted himself a huge Maul, that he liked much more than the warhammer he had used, he also liked the idea not to hide behind a shield, but moving towards enemies head on.
Enna was in a poor mood after being left behind by his brother but she took interest in Bouw/Quillin who showed her respect for her help in needed situation also pointing out that she by no means was responsible for her brothers foul deeds.
But as we left the safety of the hut we went back to the “throneroom” where we had the encounter with the huge Slug, a great set of doubledoors had our curiosity. We should had suspected it, there was no lock on the door, that is never a good sign, in we went.
Using a magic observing eye, Kharsu thought he had it all figured out, we could all safely sit back and wait for him to spy on the dungeon ahead and then move in, knowing what would await us.
that does not work against ghosts inside walls and big monsters hiding behind huge shields that they could not come about.
so we went in, knowing that no monsters awaited us, short move into a cellar where some poor human was offered on a stone table with a big Myrkul sign above it on the wall. Gruff went to pick up the human to seal him and bring him back to his relatives for a funeral that would suit him better. Gruff caught a glimpse of necklace on this dead fellow and took it of him and handed it to Kharsus who likes to stack our stuff and then sit there and look at it for hours when we rest.
Then the ghosts arrived through the walls and they were somehow related to the ghosts that we had slain before, at least they wore the same style of sheets and swords. One of the got a good slice of Bouws leg, actually he lost it and was bleeding heavily from the stump, but he managed to stop the bleeding when he put up some kind of conqogtion that he had brewed back in Uldoon.
Gruff took a great swing with his maul missing the first try as he tried to find the right balance in the weapon, then he tried again and this time he hit the ghosts with his blessed maul so hard that it disappeared as a puff of smoke. Then the situation turned to worse as a huge wall of metal moved down towards us from up the tunnel where we ourselves had just come from, and it came with speed and violence. Kharsus created some kind of forcefield that kept it at bay for a minute, and he tried to orcestra a strategy how to meet it on best terms as he could´nt hold it back forever. the fighters obviously had problems understanding that kind of strategy or maybe they did´nt like the thought of taking orders from a wizard. they decided to take the monstrocity heads on. and they did and they got beaten pretty badly, until Gruff Grimcleaver, spurned on by his prevous succes with his new weapon, found a weak spot at the monsters lower back. He took aim and stroke it with his maul right on the backspine, and it gave a loud crash when he broke it and the metal monster fell to its knees and found peace.
There were a round of applause from the rest of the group and Gruff felt for a few seconds the sence of pride, then he remembered that gloating over a victory was shameful and he spurred the others to move on further into the ruins to hide his embarresment due to his lack of selfcontrol.
There was not much time for anyone to enjoy the latest victory, as the group stumbled upon 2 large skeletonmonsters who served as guards in Dargoths quarters, but we served them only steel and spells and even when they were assisted by a bone naga, they stood no chance and again the moonwhisperers felt undefeatable, and they went on, found a secret stone door inside the fireplace of the room and when they opened the secret door they found sounds of water running, and a big cave with many feets to ceiling and the end of the cave, it also contained a strange portal and a skeleton dragon or was it a dracolich? noone dared to ask.
then everyone decided to take on the dragon on its premises without making any kind of tactical plans, that did not turn out well, and Kharsu had to deal with it as he locked it up in a kind of forcefield for some time. Everybody ran for the portal, when Kharsus yelled that he knew the commandword to make the portal work. Quillin and then Enna understood the words of power to travel through the portal, so did Bouw. Kharsus himself thought of it for a second and took Gruff´s hand as he realised that Gruff´s flaw of not being able to speak would stop him from getting out of the dragons cavern, and together they went to the portal just ahead of Sir Strongarm and Jeffry the Just. Kharsus said the right words and disappeared. Did he let go of Gruffs hand or was he unable to take someone with him through the portal?, we don´t know. When Kharsus left there was nothing holding the dragon from breaking out of the forcefield and attacking the rest of the party. They ran , head over heels for the secret door leading to Dargoths chambers just in time to see the dragon release a huge lightningbolt that just missed them in the dooropening.
what would happen now. Quillin, Enna, Kharsus, Bouw all left, maybe for good, maybe to the tower where other portals were found earlier, maybe they were at some completely new strange place in Faerun, the 3 leftovers had no idea, and what about the others, did they expect that their comrades had been killed by the dragon or drowned in the river running through the cave, did it make any sence to go back and look and put themselves in front of the terrible dragon once again? we will find out