4 adventurers left the Dracolich cave through the portal, two stayed heroically along side with the one who could never leave that way, he could never pronounce the keywordline to power the portal.
Jeffry the Just, Conrad Strongarm and Gruff Grimcleave the mute dwarf barely saved their skin as they hurried out of the cave, back to Dargoth chambers.
They sat there, breathing heavily, trying to figure out what they were to do now.
Gruff ask Moradin for a small favour and send a message to his wizard comrade, Kharsus Thantul, saying they were all allright for now, and a short while after there came words from the fleeing group that they were glad to hear of our survival and that they would return to Uldoon to settle some things and Bouw Landers leg, properbly returning 3-5 days later.
That message made the 3 leftovers start planning some different scenarios to make well use of their time in the ruins.
First of all Jeffry the Just wanted to give the heavily barred doors to the outside a go and see if he by brutal strength could make his way out. That did not work out, solidly placed to either keep people in or out they also had some strange magic keeping them in place.
Gruff made a sinister plan that he called “Plan K”, K as in kill-the dracolich. It was a complecated plan involving spells of divine beauty and necrotic madness, Channel Divinity, forging, corpses and lots of preparation and at last a good portion of luck and hopefully the plan would end in a fight against evil that would be legendary.

Conrad Strongarm were never much for plan K as he never liked the idea of necroticspell use and deep in his heart he had difficult seeing how the three of us should ever be capable of slaying a dracolich who send a whole group of adventurers on their knees just hours before, so he decided for a plan C that would go ahead of plan K.
He simply wanted to explore the Elven ancient ruins for other ways out. Gruff thought that idea to be boring and unambitious but never the less he agreed on searching, in his heart hoping they would find nothing at all.
So they ventured into the ruins again, found the corpse of Dargoth and Gruff decided that he might as well bring it to the dragoncave entrance as he was gonna use it for plan K anyways. But as they returned to the “slugroom” they took some time searching where the slug had surfaced, and miracously enough, Conrad Strongarm found a round cover in the floor under the Slug. Lots of Slug mucous, stone and gravel made it really difficult to see, but there it was, with the old signs of the elven god, Corellon Lerathian. as they put their crowbars to the edge of the stonecover Gruff saw some fine lines inside the picture that he dusted of and sorted out, they were fine handles that noone without a crack for stonemasonry and quality would never find. with handles in hand it was an easy job to remove the cover without breaking the old stoneart of the elves.
dry air came through the hole and a fall of 10-15 feet ended up on a stone floor, the leftovers were sure they had found another way out…Gruff was a little biased about this.