Back in the old ruins, Conrad Strongarm, jeffrey the Just and Gruff had some time to think about their situation as they knew that it would take their travelling comrades a few days to catch up with them. Gruff had an idea that he had to follow, he went back into the ruins, the same way they had just come out. there he went for the corpses of the poor victim of Dargoths cruelties and DargotsĀ“s body too. he really wanted to bring both to Uldoon, for relief and for possible questioning of Dargoth. He also brought with him all the silvercoins that they had left behind in the first place.
He dragged all of it with him in the boat, but it was heavy loaded and barely made its way back out.

In Uldoon, Kharsus Thantul, Bouw Landers, Quilling Lightfinger and Enna Aelar spend some time recuperating from battle, and they also took time to visit the council and tell them of our times of trouble.
Bouw Landers had himself a new leg, with a little help from the Gods above. he gave the silver pegleg that Gruff had forged him, to the healers church as a symbol of gratitude.
They left, from Uldoon, early to search for their lost friends and they found them back in the forest, near durlags tower. The 3 fighters had found their own way back to their horses and wagon, through the forest, their spirits high and their wagon filled with gold and silver coins.
together they returned to Uldoon to take some time off from the demanding adventuring life.
Everyone had their own businesses to attend to, bouw Landers did his best to keep his garden in shape.
Kharsus Thantul readied his gear and shared the loot from the old ruins to everyones satisfaction.
Quillin Fastfingers did what that type of businessmen do best.
Meetings were held.
Gruff had jobs done at the smithy.
Strongarm and Just kept up appearences.
it was a rather uneventful week spent in Uldoon. but then there was another council meeting and suddenly we were heading for Waterdeep as rumours had it that this was the only place where anyone knew how to handle the black orb.luckily we were teleported to Waterdeep, unfortunately that ment that Boe the Mule had to stay back in Uldoon. But he was well taken care of in the smithy.
Arrived safely in Waterdeep, in some townhall with important people waiting for our company.
Rulers and great masters were there listening to our story, and asked a lot of questions, they also answered our questions aswell. but the news for us was that they had a special assignment for us, to enter the undermountain below Waterdeep and seek out some special personalities whom they believed to be able to “disintegrate” the orb, either a fallen Angel or an Eyetyrant. As neither of us new much of any of those creatures we left for the library to seek out information, which was still minimal, so we have decided that we shall enter the undermountain prepared with our great wits and even more luck and see to get that orb destroyed and then we shall return to the surface again. What could possible go wrong