You were summoned to Waterdeep as the chaos of the Western Heartlands had reached the doorsteps of the Palace in Waterdeep and also Laeral Silverhand.

You were asked to report out on Dargoth Undeadbringer, Durlags Tower, the Army of Darkness, The old Corellion Temple in Wood of Sharp Teeth and last but not least THE BLACK ORB.

Both Elminster the Sage and Laeral’s sister Storm Silverhand were represented. also the new High Mage of Waterdeep Vajra Safahr who wielded the BLACKSTAFF was present. The staff that is said to contain the soul of Laeral’s dead husbond Khelben Blackstaff.

After Elminster had researched the Orb it was concluded that the Orb could only be destroyed in One of two ways:
– By a Death ray from a Death Tyrant Beholder
– By the sword from a Higher Celestial being – Planetar or Solar.

Mirt the Money Lender a famous veteran hero who had travelled into the Undermountain several times, suggested that this could be the place to find the solution.

Based on your report and significant deeds in bringing Dargoth to an end and secure the BLACK ORB – you were tasked to go into the Undermountain with one “simple” task…

…To destroy the Orb for good.

First stop “Obstacle Level 15” where you should seek the Undead Death Tyrant Netherskull that rules this level. If this fails you should try “Terminus level 20” where a fallen Planetar Angel had established a wicked court with his own rules.

Equipped with hornet rings you were teleported into the Undermountain to level 15. The Obstacle course lived fully up to it’s name and nearly killed both the Conrad Strongarm and Gruff Grimcleaver.

In the end you succeded in defeating the Undead Death Tyrant forcing it to destroy the Orb and in the same time rescue a young sage named KAVIL THE SAGE that has been held captive by the Beholder for several years.

Back to the surface and the Palace in Waterdeep you were recieved as heroes and got confirmed that all skeleton armies that was roaming the Western Heartlands laying waste to all the villages – had disappeared. Rumours told that they just turned to dust in front of the Hellriders of Elturgaard eyes in the midst of a battle.

This also means that the Western
Heartlands are now again free to travel in between the cities and re-building
of the cities can start and people can go back to their home villages.

You were also informed that several High Priests in Waterdeep has
been warned in dreams by their gods that great evil is looking to kill you and you should hide. It seems the dreams and visions and warning is connected to your destruction of the Orb. A potential deadly revenge from the evil god Myrkul could be a part of this.

You are sent back to hide in Uldoon – off the grid and far away from Waterdeep area, where the vision indicated the threat was coming from. Thavus Kreeg, High priset of Elturel suggested that you stick to the road to Elturel
through Triel and Soubar and
then from Elturel to Uldoon. The road would be the fastest way to travel. Laeral offered quality riding horses for all of you.

The suggestion to go through Elturel seemed to be recieved well by several of the members in the Moonwhispers group… speaking of “stuff” they had to solve anyway in Elturel……..

The journey now goes south by the Trade Way where you will cross four rivers and cross the legendary Bridge: Boreskyr Bridge. Along the way you will pass the City Daggerford, the villages Triel, Soubar and the city Elturel – Capital of Elturgaard Kingdom, where there is constant daylight 24 hours a day…..