We all left Waterdeep to go back to Uldoon. it was a long trip on bumpy roads and the dust crept in inside all crevices.
we made the trip extra far as we took time to go to Elturel, the city that never sleeps.
The most important thing to do in Elturel was for the Dwarf to find his old Tutor within the Moradin church from his homemountain range in Kazzarak, the highpriest who send him of on the mission to find and bring back a Moradin relic.
Gruff returned to Elturel with a relic and the intention to bring back his highpriest to Kazzarak and receive the blessing of Moradin.
Others had their things to do on the way back to Uldoon, Killin made new friends of sorts, and business`. Bouw Landers did some herbology of his own.
The fighters seems happy just gaining miles behind them.
So they picked up the dwarven highpriest and even got support on their last miles to Uldoon, for safety reasons, they said.

We arrived in Uldoonlate in the afternoon, and people were happy to see us. Suddenly the whole party split up having lots of stuff to take care of on their own. Business was arrange by many and others turned to the citycouncil to report of our heroics.
the citycouncil had news for us as a kind of bonus for our troubles. They told of us great treasures to be found below Durlags tower, in his resting place.
everyone was quit excited to go on another adventure as it sounded like a rather easy task, dead people and treasure for the taking…optimism blossomed.

we travelled as a large group towards Durlags tower, it seemed as the trip to Durlags resting place was just a thing to be done within hours , as the group split up in two, the “old” group who went indside the tower, and the newcomers who stayed outside and were told to wait until we were back.
A trip to durlags tower is never easy, we found out, once again.

It did´nt take us long to find the way inside the lower part of the tower, it was easy to enter through a secret door inside the huge fireplace on the first floor.
More secret doors and traps, nothing unusual, but there was this feel to it, that this mage who lived here years ago was never giving up lightly any treasure, eeven in death.
We entered a strange room with 6 doors in it, all closed. as soon as anyone stepped inside a room they disappeared for the others, strange magic was in place. everyone ended up separated, two found each others within seconds, others were left all alone in strange tombs.
It is still not known if everyone has survived these tombs.