Enna Aelar

A young somewhat attractive girl with red hair. Close put also very painfull relationship with her older brother Roland Aelar. A relationship where Enna has faced significant blindspots in that Roland just exploit her and does not care about much other than himself and how to achieve more power. She is very uncertain on herself and have never really had a stable foundation or place where she belongs to. This heavily influences her “shifting around” always searching for and connecting to persons that seemed to be strong and able to “protect” her. For same reason she agreed to join Lords Alliance when Caius Moonwhisper did, but more for the feeling of belonging than actually wanting to serve the organisation. She is a very passive member.

She has emotionally been hard hit by both loosing Caius and Roland – but seems to clinch now a bit to Conrad as a “suitable” replacement for her loss and potential also can competensate as a placebo “father” and “lover” role.

There is no evil inside Enna just confusion and often doing the wrong things and taking bad decisions. The current group for her is the closest she has been to having a “family”. Lately Kharsus has succeeded through multiple talks to open Ennas eyes for Rolands betrayal – not only to the group but also personally to her.

Kavil The sage

Young Sage that has been kept as slave and prisoner in Undermoutain forced to work hard for several years for the Death Tyrant Netherskull. Where unsecure on everything as he has ben held captive most of his youth and not seen much of the world outside. He is very academic and interested in studying history, legends and magic. However he dislike all evocation and attack magic – as he sees this a the “barbaric” part of magic studies and focus much more on illusions, divination, enchantment etc..

He is almost uncappable of anything manual or practical and also being very shy and anxious of anything dangerous or threatening. He is a bit difficult to read on what are his dreams and desires as he is very private around this. But he seems very inspired and somewhat interested in the safety and whereabouts of the groups muscular and shiny monk…..

Jeffry “the Just”

A very seasoned veteran soldier. Jeffry
is a veteran fighter also dedicated to Tempus, which has been transformed from
an undiciplinary mercenary into a loyal soldier in Order of the Gauntlet. He is loyal to Conrad, which he sees as his “millitary and formal leader” , but at the end of the day he is only in it for the money, wealth and glory. All three factors that must float frequently to him.

He is a bit jealous on conrad that seems to have Enna’s attention most of the time. Deep inside himself he thinks Conrad is to young and unexperienced for Enna and she would be way better off with a more experienced man like himself. However he keeps this to himself. Specially after he shared bed with Enna – and unfortunately Conrad as well – these thoughts has occupied his mind more often.

He does not trust rogues at all – nor magicians. In his opinion these people should not belong in any “millitary” group or combat team.


Not much is actually known about the halfling. It is even questionable if Larsson is his real name. He is very secret – only talking to Quillin. He seems to be most interested in “organisational business” and pursuing his own goals. A person – that despite his small size- you feel uncomfortable around due to his cynical humor and often lack of empathy and social timing. A halfing that you both want to keep at a distance (actually litteraly) and in front of you….

He seems to have a bad influence on Quillin and his behaviour and the two of them has been pretty inseperable since his arrival in the group.

If asked about his background, what organisation he comes from or family – he either shots up or quickly talk about other stuff or even start questioning you instead….

Gomoni Underfall – son of Vilira Underfall and grandson of High Priest Kargas

Gomoni is a very young (for a dwarf) male mountain dwarf that has never before been outside the clan and Cloud Peak mountains. His mother Vilira is a noble very harsh and strict person, but in the same time a “lionmother” to ensure her only child and son is safe and thrives. He was allocated as acolyte to Gruff Grimcleaver the mute hero dwarf by his Grandfather – the High Priest Kargas. Vilira (Kargas daughter) disapproves this and does not trust Gruff to be able to take care of her son.

Gomoni is inexperienced and still have not found his way. First he must first learn the way and dogma of Moradin and mature. Then he needs to find his own trade of living before he must return to the clan.