After a very challenging journey into the catacombs under Durlag’s Tower
and only barely surviving an encounter with Durlag the Mummy Lord himself. The
holy relic was retrieved from Durlag’s treasure well-hidden beneath his grave.

The Rod of The Morning lord is now in your possession.
The first discussion was who should carry it and where it should be
taken to? The High priest Kargas wanted
it transported to the mountain dwarfs in Cloud Peaks to be presented together
with the Moradin Dwarvenhammer of returning that was found in Undermountain.

However Bouw the monk follower of Lathander insisted on that he should
be the guardian of such a holy item of his Deity. After some discussions it was decided that the
relic stayed in the group and Bouw should carry it.

Quillin and Larsson stated that they wanted to go away for some days and
travel to do some unknown business around Gullykin.

Gruff was faithful to his high priest and escorted him to Nashkel and from
there back to the clan, but not before he arranged that the Riders of Uldoon
and Beren was paid to travel with them for additional protection.

Conrad and Jeffy wanted to stay with the relic in order to ensure this
was best protected. So at the end of the
day the party split into three and Conrad, Jeffry, Enna, Kharsus and Kavil went
north to Uldoon.

Gruff and Kargas arrived in Cload Peak Mountains home at the Clan
headquarters. A big ceremony and celebration was held and Grudd was formerly
included in the Clan as honorable member once again and that he was previously excommunicated
from the clan seemed to be forgotten by the High priest that told everyone that
he always had seen a light an purpose in Gruff and therefore send him on a
quest to retrieve a holy and magic Moradin item and bring it back to protect
the clan.

After some days of celebration Gruff had enough socializing for one year
(or more) and prepared to leave back north to Uldoon. Before leaving he asked
Kargas for a small favor: to get a acolyte that could join him and be trained
by him in Moradins holy practices and dogma.
This turned out a bit different than expected as the High priest
assigned a very young mountain dwarf named Gomoni Underfall to be trained by
Gruff – a dwarf that is the high priests grandson. An excellent idea from his perspective. Perhaps
a slight worse idea for Gruff, as before leaving he was threatened by the high
priest daughter and mother of Gomoni. If anything would happen to her son or if
Gruff brings him into danger or jeopardy, she would personally see to that
Gruff was punished and expelled once again permanently from the Clan !

In Uldoon there was also a few unexpected surprises.

First Father Bronn was missing at the city council meeting that Sir
Garlan called to hear if the relic was retrieved. He explained that Father Bronn disappeared 2
days ago and yesterday his body was found at the edge of the forest – tortured and
molested having had cut off all his fingers, beaten and skin pealed on the
chest. A truly tragic and unthinkable
destiny for such a warm an welcome old man.

For what reasons was not known, but both Sir Garlan and Dimrol Dalskar
from Candlekeep both insinuated that someone likely had tried to get
information out of Father Bronn about your mission and whereabouts.

After some days Lord Dhelt ad Onthar Frume arrived from Elturel to
decide on what to do with the Rod of the Morning Lord. It was decided that it did not make much
sense to transport it to Elturel to hideaway in a cellar – if the purpose was
to apply it against the darkening threat and rise of Myrkuls avatar.

So you had to keep it safe for now and if you will have the chance to
face any of the greater evil still living among us – you should use the relic.

There was also another surprising message: Something large an
unidentified evil is roaming the northern borders of Elturgard during nighttime
– spreading death and wrath among all travelers and trade caravans around
Boareskyr Bridge. Further the Elturgard outpost has been attacked killing all
the guards stationed up there.

The last information received is that “something” big has carved a
message into the very solid rock of Boareskyr bridge – a message that


A message that Lord Dhelt thinks relates to you as being the destroyers
of the Black Orb. So you were asked to travel north to the famous bridge and
find out what roams there, face it and stop it.
Perhaps this “something” is also tied to the dark shadow that has hunted
you for some days now and which still haunts you in your dreams.

That seemed to be sufficient news for one day… but there was one more
thing: Enna had been very quiet lately
and Conrad noticed at the meeting and confronted Enna. It turned out that Enna
had found a letter in her room at Betsy’s Inn. A letter from Roland her

A letter where Roland offered information about the dark shadow that
hunts you, but due to being uncertain about the reaction from certain members in
the group that wanted him dead last time you split up, he asked that Enna and
one more would come and meet him in a clearing half a mile into the Forrest
just directly West of Uldoon.

After discussing with Sir Garlan and Lord Dhelt, Kharsus and Enna
decided to go to meet Roland because any information on the dark shadow could
be useful.

Kharsus prepared well in advance aving both telepathic link and arcane
Eye arranged together with Kavil the Sage and travelled at sunrise to the
forest to meat Roland.

However the surprises kept coming…..

For unknown reasons – or perhaps in frustration of Gruff became aware from
Enna, that Kharsus had been negotiating before with Roland to strike a deal
that was previously unknown to the team – he decided to go to the forest alone
before Kharsus and Enna arrived and to everyone’s surprise.

In the forest Gruff was surprised by a tall muscular black warrior with
a huge blade and to assassin brothers. This encounter did go all bad for Gruff
as multiple hits in the back as well as two critical strikes, where one removed
Gruff eyes and nose, brought him down and they killed him outright seconds

Enna ran into the clearing shouting out for Roland, Kharsus entered
invisible and Conrad rode on his war horse with almost flying speed into the

If was evident that Roland – now wearing a black robe – had turned fully
to the dark side and had gained tremendously more power from someone since last
you saw him.

A fourth person a dark Myrkul priest was also accompanying him in his
new personal warband.

At the end of the fight the warband was defeated, but Roland managed to
escape once again, but not before Enna with tears in her eyes stapped Roland for the first time doing damage to her own brother and screaming at him to stop his actions.

One good thing though was that he failed to claim the relic
if that was what he came for. Currently
the Relic is at a unknown place as Bouw – who was supposed to carry it – claims
his book has told him to put it in a safe secret place. Where is currently unknown to everyone expect
from Bouw……

Strangely enough Gruff’s body in the forest could not be found – even after
hours of search and Kavil being 100% certain that he saw Gruff being killed………

Still Quillin and Larsson has not returned and the group has decided
that they must push forward north to face the greater evil on the legendary Boaresky
bridge, where once Cyric killed Bhaal and Bhaals body fell of the bridge to
permanently turn the water west of the bridge dark and foul………