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About the current NPCs

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Enna Aelar

A young somewhat attractive girl with red hair. Close put also very painfull relationship with her older brother Roland Aelar. A relationship where Enna has faced significant blindspots in that Roland just exploit her and does not care about much other than himself and how to achieve more power. She is very uncertain on herself and have never really had a stable foundation or place where she belongs to. This heavily influences her “shifting around” always searching for and connecting to persons that seemed to be strong and able to “protect” her. For same reason she agreed to join Lords Alliance when Caius Moonwhisper did, but more for the feeling of belonging than actually wanting to serve the organisation. She is a very passive member.

She has emotionally been hard hit by both loosing Caius and Roland – but seems to clinch now a bit to Conrad as a “suitable” replacement for her loss and potential also can competensate as a placebo “father” and “lover” role.

There is no evil inside Enna just confusion and often doing the wrong things and taking bad decisions. The current group for her is the closest she has been to having a “family”. Lately Kharsus has succeeded through multiple talks to open Ennas eyes for Rolands betrayal – not only to the group but also personally to her.

Kavil The sage

Young Sage that has been kept as slave and prisoner in Undermoutain forced to work hard for several years for the Death Tyrant Netherskull. Where unsecure on everything as he has ben held captive most of his youth and not seen much of the world outside. He is very academic and interested in studying history, legends and magic. However he dislike all evocation and attack magic – as he sees this a the “barbaric” part of magic studies and focus much more on illusions, divination, enchantment etc..

He is almost uncappable of anything manual or practical and also being very shy and anxious of anything dangerous or threatening. He is a bit difficult to read on what are his dreams and desires as he is very private around this. But he seems very inspired and somewhat interested in the safety and whereabouts of the groups muscular and shiny monk…..

Jeffry “the Just”

A very seasoned veteran soldier. Jeffry
is a veteran fighter also dedicated to Tempus, which has been transformed from
an undiciplinary mercenary into a loyal soldier in Order of the Gauntlet. He is loyal to Conrad, which he sees as his “millitary and formal leader” , but at the end of the day he is only in it for the money, wealth and glory. All three factors that must float frequently to him.

He is a bit jealous on conrad that seems to have Enna’s attention most of the time. Deep inside himself he thinks Conrad is to young and unexperienced for Enna and she would be way better off with a more experienced man like himself. However he keeps this to himself. Specially after he shared bed with Enna – and unfortunately Conrad as well – these thoughts has occupied his mind more often.

He does not trust rogues at all – nor magicians. In his opinion these people should not belong in any “millitary” group or combat team.


Not much is actually known about the halfling. It is even questionable if Larsson is his real name. He is very secret – only talking to Quillin. He seems to be most interested in “organisational business” and pursuing his own goals. A person – that despite his small size- you feel uncomfortable around due to his cynical humor and often lack of empathy and social timing. A halfing that you both want to keep at a distance (actually litteraly) and in front of you….

He seems to have a bad influence on Quillin and his behaviour and the two of them has been pretty inseperable since his arrival in the group.

If asked about his background, what organisation he comes from or family – he either shots up or quickly talk about other stuff or even start questioning you instead….

Gomoni Underfall – son of Vilira Underfall and grandson of High Priest Kargas

Gomoni is a very young (for a dwarf) male mountain dwarf that has never before been outside the clan and Cloud Peak mountains. His mother Vilira is a noble very harsh and strict person, but in the same time a “lionmother” to ensure her only child and son is safe and thrives. He was allocated as acolyte to Gruff Grimcleaver the mute hero dwarf by his Grandfather – the High Priest Kargas. Vilira (Kargas daughter) disapproves this and does not trust Gruff to be able to take care of her son.

Gomoni is inexperienced and still have not found his way. First he must first learn the way and dogma of Moradin and mature. Then he needs to find his own trade of living before he must return to the clan.

Return to Uldoon & Roland the “Dark one” returns!

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After a very challenging journey into the catacombs under Durlag’s Tower
and only barely surviving an encounter with Durlag the Mummy Lord himself. The
holy relic was retrieved from Durlag’s treasure well-hidden beneath his grave.

The Rod of The Morning lord is now in your possession.
The first discussion was who should carry it and where it should be
taken to? The High priest Kargas wanted
it transported to the mountain dwarfs in Cloud Peaks to be presented together
with the Moradin Dwarvenhammer of returning that was found in Undermountain.

However Bouw the monk follower of Lathander insisted on that he should
be the guardian of such a holy item of his Deity. After some discussions it was decided that the
relic stayed in the group and Bouw should carry it.

Quillin and Larsson stated that they wanted to go away for some days and
travel to do some unknown business around Gullykin.

Gruff was faithful to his high priest and escorted him to Nashkel and from
there back to the clan, but not before he arranged that the Riders of Uldoon
and Beren was paid to travel with them for additional protection.

Conrad and Jeffy wanted to stay with the relic in order to ensure this
was best protected. So at the end of the
day the party split into three and Conrad, Jeffry, Enna, Kharsus and Kavil went
north to Uldoon.

Gruff and Kargas arrived in Cload Peak Mountains home at the Clan
headquarters. A big ceremony and celebration was held and Grudd was formerly
included in the Clan as honorable member once again and that he was previously excommunicated
from the clan seemed to be forgotten by the High priest that told everyone that
he always had seen a light an purpose in Gruff and therefore send him on a
quest to retrieve a holy and magic Moradin item and bring it back to protect
the clan.

After some days of celebration Gruff had enough socializing for one year
(or more) and prepared to leave back north to Uldoon. Before leaving he asked
Kargas for a small favor: to get a acolyte that could join him and be trained
by him in Moradins holy practices and dogma.
This turned out a bit different than expected as the High priest
assigned a very young mountain dwarf named Gomoni Underfall to be trained by
Gruff – a dwarf that is the high priests grandson. An excellent idea from his perspective. Perhaps
a slight worse idea for Gruff, as before leaving he was threatened by the high
priest daughter and mother of Gomoni. If anything would happen to her son or if
Gruff brings him into danger or jeopardy, she would personally see to that
Gruff was punished and expelled once again permanently from the Clan !

In Uldoon there was also a few unexpected surprises.

First Father Bronn was missing at the city council meeting that Sir
Garlan called to hear if the relic was retrieved. He explained that Father Bronn disappeared 2
days ago and yesterday his body was found at the edge of the forest – tortured and
molested having had cut off all his fingers, beaten and skin pealed on the
chest. A truly tragic and unthinkable
destiny for such a warm an welcome old man.

For what reasons was not known, but both Sir Garlan and Dimrol Dalskar
from Candlekeep both insinuated that someone likely had tried to get
information out of Father Bronn about your mission and whereabouts.

After some days Lord Dhelt ad Onthar Frume arrived from Elturel to
decide on what to do with the Rod of the Morning Lord. It was decided that it did not make much
sense to transport it to Elturel to hideaway in a cellar – if the purpose was
to apply it against the darkening threat and rise of Myrkuls avatar.

So you had to keep it safe for now and if you will have the chance to
face any of the greater evil still living among us – you should use the relic.

There was also another surprising message: Something large an
unidentified evil is roaming the northern borders of Elturgard during nighttime
– spreading death and wrath among all travelers and trade caravans around
Boareskyr Bridge. Further the Elturgard outpost has been attacked killing all
the guards stationed up there.

The last information received is that “something” big has carved a
message into the very solid rock of Boareskyr bridge – a message that


A message that Lord Dhelt thinks relates to you as being the destroyers
of the Black Orb. So you were asked to travel north to the famous bridge and
find out what roams there, face it and stop it.
Perhaps this “something” is also tied to the dark shadow that has hunted
you for some days now and which still haunts you in your dreams.

That seemed to be sufficient news for one day… but there was one more
thing: Enna had been very quiet lately
and Conrad noticed at the meeting and confronted Enna. It turned out that Enna
had found a letter in her room at Betsy’s Inn. A letter from Roland her

A letter where Roland offered information about the dark shadow that
hunts you, but due to being uncertain about the reaction from certain members in
the group that wanted him dead last time you split up, he asked that Enna and
one more would come and meet him in a clearing half a mile into the Forrest
just directly West of Uldoon.

After discussing with Sir Garlan and Lord Dhelt, Kharsus and Enna
decided to go to meet Roland because any information on the dark shadow could
be useful.

Kharsus prepared well in advance aving both telepathic link and arcane
Eye arranged together with Kavil the Sage and travelled at sunrise to the
forest to meat Roland.

However the surprises kept coming…..

For unknown reasons – or perhaps in frustration of Gruff became aware from
Enna, that Kharsus had been negotiating before with Roland to strike a deal
that was previously unknown to the team – he decided to go to the forest alone
before Kharsus and Enna arrived and to everyone’s surprise.

In the forest Gruff was surprised by a tall muscular black warrior with
a huge blade and to assassin brothers. This encounter did go all bad for Gruff
as multiple hits in the back as well as two critical strikes, where one removed
Gruff eyes and nose, brought him down and they killed him outright seconds

Enna ran into the clearing shouting out for Roland, Kharsus entered
invisible and Conrad rode on his war horse with almost flying speed into the

If was evident that Roland – now wearing a black robe – had turned fully
to the dark side and had gained tremendously more power from someone since last
you saw him.

A fourth person a dark Myrkul priest was also accompanying him in his
new personal warband.

At the end of the fight the warband was defeated, but Roland managed to
escape once again, but not before Enna with tears in her eyes stapped Roland for the first time doing damage to her own brother and screaming at him to stop his actions.

One good thing though was that he failed to claim the relic
if that was what he came for. Currently
the Relic is at a unknown place as Bouw – who was supposed to carry it – claims
his book has told him to put it in a safe secret place. Where is currently unknown to everyone expect
from Bouw……

Strangely enough Gruff’s body in the forest could not be found – even after
hours of search and Kavil being 100% certain that he saw Gruff being killed………

Still Quillin and Larsson has not returned and the group has decided
that they must push forward north to face the greater evil on the legendary Boaresky
bridge, where once Cyric killed Bhaal and Bhaals body fell of the bridge to
permanently turn the water west of the bridge dark and foul………

Rod of the Morninglord

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Can only be carried or used by good
aligned creatures (others cannot lift it from the ground)

The wielder must attune to this relic to
activate it. While holding it and by
will it can be activated. It can also be used as a Mace +4 (1d6 +4 Bludgeoning


-A bright daylight shines in 60 feet
radius centered on the rod.

-Creatures with sunlight sensitivity will
be affected as if it was daylight.

-Creatures within 60 feet radius are
considered protected from evil similar to the protection from evil spell.

wielder and creatures within 15 feet aura are protected from certain powerful
evil deities and evil Avatars

Into the Undermountain and destruction of the Orb

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You were summoned to Waterdeep as the chaos of the Western Heartlands had reached the doorsteps of the Palace in Waterdeep and also Laeral Silverhand.

You were asked to report out on Dargoth Undeadbringer, Durlags Tower, the Army of Darkness, The old Corellion Temple in Wood of Sharp Teeth and last but not least THE BLACK ORB.

Both Elminster the Sage and Laeral’s sister Storm Silverhand were represented. also the new High Mage of Waterdeep Vajra Safahr who wielded the BLACKSTAFF was present. The staff that is said to contain the soul of Laeral’s dead husbond Khelben Blackstaff.

After Elminster had researched the Orb it was concluded that the Orb could only be destroyed in One of two ways:
– By a Death ray from a Death Tyrant Beholder
– By the sword from a Higher Celestial being – Planetar or Solar.

Mirt the Money Lender a famous veteran hero who had travelled into the Undermountain several times, suggested that this could be the place to find the solution.

Based on your report and significant deeds in bringing Dargoth to an end and secure the BLACK ORB – you were tasked to go into the Undermountain with one “simple” task…

…To destroy the Orb for good.

First stop “Obstacle Level 15” where you should seek the Undead Death Tyrant Netherskull that rules this level. If this fails you should try “Terminus level 20” where a fallen Planetar Angel had established a wicked court with his own rules.

Equipped with hornet rings you were teleported into the Undermountain to level 15. The Obstacle course lived fully up to it’s name and nearly killed both the Conrad Strongarm and Gruff Grimcleaver.

In the end you succeded in defeating the Undead Death Tyrant forcing it to destroy the Orb and in the same time rescue a young sage named KAVIL THE SAGE that has been held captive by the Beholder for several years.

Back to the surface and the Palace in Waterdeep you were recieved as heroes and got confirmed that all skeleton armies that was roaming the Western Heartlands laying waste to all the villages – had disappeared. Rumours told that they just turned to dust in front of the Hellriders of Elturgaard eyes in the midst of a battle.

This also means that the Western
Heartlands are now again free to travel in between the cities and re-building
of the cities can start and people can go back to their home villages.

You were also informed that several High Priests in Waterdeep has
been warned in dreams by their gods that great evil is looking to kill you and you should hide. It seems the dreams and visions and warning is connected to your destruction of the Orb. A potential deadly revenge from the evil god Myrkul could be a part of this.

You are sent back to hide in Uldoon – off the grid and far away from Waterdeep area, where the vision indicated the threat was coming from. Thavus Kreeg, High priset of Elturel suggested that you stick to the road to Elturel
through Triel and Soubar and
then from Elturel to Uldoon. The road would be the fastest way to travel. Laeral offered quality riding horses for all of you.

The suggestion to go through Elturel seemed to be recieved well by several of the members in the Moonwhispers group… speaking of “stuff” they had to solve anyway in Elturel……..

The journey now goes south by the Trade Way where you will cross four rivers and cross the legendary Bridge: Boreskyr Bridge. Along the way you will pass the City Daggerford, the villages Triel, Soubar and the city Elturel – Capital of Elturgaard Kingdom, where there is constant daylight 24 hours a day…..

Bonfire with Dargoth and goodbye Boe

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Goodbye Boe

”Gruffs goodbye
Some days are bad,
Nights are always sad.
Your eyes, dark, but warm,
Comforting, friendly.
Forever closed.
Some call you mule,
Just an animal.
My friend
You cared, worked,
looked out for me,
Your last breath,
A warning.
I failed.”

We rode out from Uldoon, heading for the tower again in search of Enna and her brother, some would suggest that we only rode out for the orb. As we closed in on the tower we were met by one of Dargoths minions, a messenger skeleton. He was not able to deliver the message in person as we soiled the ground with his bones long before we came close to him. Fortunately his message was texted on a big banner , the words written in blood.

It was a message from Dargoth who seeked our allegiance with a great offer, it was an offer to turn ourselves to the dark side.

We only had to answer yes to lit fire outside Durlags tower. Still we all agreed to stick with Uldoon and our allies there.

We arrived at the tower later that night, finding Enna in front of a huge lit fire. She was yelling her brothers name again and again towards the tower, no answer.

Within minutes everything went anything but according to plans. Quillin announced that he was in contact with Daggoth that demanded our surrender. Enna was hard to reach. Dargoth contacted our Rogue as foretold on the skeletons banner. However the content of the contact was somewhat not fully transparent as it turned out to happen as a “message” inside Quilins head.

From what he shared Dargoth was asking for you to join him and serve him and the god Myrkul. The latter was somewhat a strange request as Myrkul is a dead god – slain in the Time of Troubles by Cyrics blade in Waterdeep close to Blackstaffs Tower.

But from the voice of Dargoth, Quillins sharing and the banner – Myrkul seems to be active a some level providing guidance and power to Dargoth as he referred to himself as the “chosen ones”. You were offered to become his “chosen ones” as well and to take whatever you wanted from Durlags Treasure.

The group had difficulties finding answers to how to handle the ”offers ” from Dargoth, some wanted to join as an excuse to get close to the villain. The paladins had quarrels with their values to trick the bad guy, so the Knight Ulfgar and our Paladin Leader did not really accept this approach. Others wanted to, and one even seemed eager to join for all the wrong reasons.

You and Enna also learnt the brutal truth that Roland was unharmed and well and was standing at the side of Dargoth – having decided to join him and his cause. A message that made Ulfgar even more furious – challenging Dargoth to a honorable fight to the death face to face – which might also have contributed to that the negotiation phase ended rather sudden.

For Enna the message has the opposite effect – devastated and paralyzed by her brothers act she feel to the ground crying.

What messages that were send after this or what “mental” communication that happened after this – if any – is somewhat unknown. Quillin share only limited of this if anything.

The result was we were unable to answer Dargoth in unity he answered with war against us.

All around us a skeleton army emerged, skeleton warriors on skeleton steeds, former minotaurs now minions in this army of Myrkul and other hideous creatures of unknown kind attacked us and our horses who stood no chance against these creatures of death.

Everyone fought for their lives, some more lucky than others. Just as we got the upperhand in this battle we heard sounds from above us and in the light from the fire against the cloudy night sky we saw the most foul creature, a dracolich or skeleton dragon.

We stood no chance and most of us cried out in fear, even the paladins had difficulties to stand ground, they were forfeited. The dragon slayed the three fighter by its lightning breath and took the two holy warriors in its claws and flew away to an unknown destination for us. Both seemed dead when the dragon left. What is strange is that the Draclolich seemed to ignore all the enemies that was in front of it and passed directly by them to the fighters. Even when Kharsus tried to restrain the dragons wings with a web and when Gruff tried to Turn it away with help of Moradin – it ignored it. It seemed completely focussed on the knight and the paladin or the ones that did not want to join Dargoth. But how could it see or know so clearly who among us was the knight and paladin and who among us was against joining Dargoth.

In the aftermath we found ourselves battered and without leader, arguments and blaming in the air.

We entered the tower almost certain that no one was around as we had been scrying the whole place. We found nothing, only this time we had better time to search the areas around the portals on top level. We figured that these portals would take us to our foe, but we had no idea how to turn them on. Kharsus did find out that one of the teleportation circles seemed to lead to something called “The old Temple”. For a moment Quillin lightened up and said he heard the same term – however he stopped himself and became quiet again within seconds.

Quillin and Thantul wanted to seek advice in Uldoon, Gruff wanted to make a proper funeral for Boe, the mule. Enna, still with us stayed along with the monk. Enna still with a vague hope for her brother to regret his move and return to her.

Thantul and Quillin might have some answers for our road ahead as they have made council with Father Bronn in Uldoon about this “old Temple”. They figured out that it referred to an ancient elven temple to Correllion in the south-west part of Wood of Sharp Teeth, which once belonged to a big elven Kingdom called Asvarak.

It sounds as if we will find friends and foes in the woods to the south west, but for now it is was step forward and two step back as status is:

Orb still not retrieved

Dargoth is still to be found

At least we know where we have Roland, but he is also to be found

Our Leader Paladin Caius and our knight Ulfgar might be dead and their bodies are gone.

Boe got slaughtered

It has indeed become a starless night…….

THE BLACK ORB – Revenge of Lord of Bones

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Så er der genoprettet en ny blog til brug for at skrive game sessions referater. Regin/Gruff har meldt sig som blog skribent – men I andere er selvfølgelig velkommen til at tilføje indlæg.

Det kunne være indlæg om jeres karakterers holdninger eller gerninger “in-between” sessions.. eller downtime aktiviteter.


The Ending of Tiamats Reign

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Guden Tiamat’s fysiske avatar er dræbt og gudens essens er fordrevet fra Faerun og sent tilbage til The Abyss. Tiamats temple i Well of Dragons er styrtet i grus.

Dette takket været en broget gruppe af individer: Half-Elf Barden Laucian Stardust, Human Cleric / Fighteren “Red Eye” Jim Duggan – , Half Elf Paladinen Sir Belkas Shieldheart, Human Monk/Roguen Vargas Tenebris og sidst men ikke mindst Half Elf Storm Sorcereren Almus Sumdar. Gruppen som i folkemunde senere blev kendt som “Tiamats Bane”. Dagen for Tiamats bortgang blev senere opkaldt “Faeruns Liberation day” og fjeres hvert år i hele Faerun.

The Dragon Lands som dækkede Tiamats realm på Faerun og strakte sig fra det vestlige Cormyr og helt til Baldurs Gate og op til Waterdeep – bestod langt tid efter Tiamats bortgang. Men det forandrede døde og uvelkomne land begyndte langsomt at vende tilbage til normalen. Vejret blev normaliseret og fire portaler, elementalts og sulfur søerne forsvandt. Dette medførte at dyrelivet langsomt vendte tilbage. Flere større Druid ceremonier blev afholdt med deltagelse af de mægtigste Druider på Faerun for at fremskynde denne process med Chaunteas støtte og kræfter.

Det var i lang tid stadig forbundet med stor fare at færdes i regionen på grund af en overnormal representation af Chromatic Dragons. Men indbyrdes stridigheder og magtkampe mellem de ældste drager medførte at flere ældre drager med deres følge af yngre drager drog væk tilbage til de mere fjerne områder de var kommet fra. Tilbage til deres respektive Dragon lairs som havde stået tomme i et stykke tid.

De store flygtninge lejre udenfor Waterdeep bestod længe efter. Men i Waterdeep blev det 10 Council afholdt med deltagelse af alle faktionerne der havde deltaget i krigen. Dette Council blev også symbolet på dagen for “the great return of the free people”. På dette Council blev en plan lagt for i hvilke etaper og rækkefølge hver by i Dragon Lands skulle bosættes igen. Med hjælp fra fælleshære kunne befolkningen eskorteres tilbage til byerne og et fælles koordineret forsvar af alle byer blev sat op for at kunne modstå eventuelle angreb fra de drager der måtte være tilbage.

Langsomt men sikkert vendte livet tilbage til byerne og verden kom til at ligne sig selv på trods af at intet bliver helt det samme igen.

Hvad skete der med Tiamats Bane? Gruppen brød eftersigende op kort efter og tog aldrig mere på mission sammen. Sidste gang de blev set sammen i offentligheden var til en stor hyldest foran Waterdeep Castle efter det 10 Council.

Barden Laucian Stardust
Bosatte sig i Waterdeep og oprettede “Stardust Musical College”. En musikskole som blev anerkendt og som yngere og håbefulde Barder rejste til – især for at høre historierne og sangene om gruppen “Tiamats Bane” bedrifter samt den legendariske “hymne of Stardust” om hvordan den endelige kamp og Tiamats død forløb og Laucian Stardust “afgørende” rolle i kampen.

Cleric/Fighteren Red Eye” Jim Duggan
Forsvandt eftersigende tilbage til Calisham og syden med sin elsker Kira. Han blev sidst set ride bort på sin krigselefant ud af sydporten i Waterdeep. For øvrigt samme aften som der udbrød en større brand på “The Raging Lion Inn”. Kroen som indtil da havde tjent som samlingssted for “Tiamats Bane”. Krobestyren blev fundet død i flammerne uden hoved. Rygtet på gaden sagde også at Kira skulle være med barn selvom de ikke var gift.

Paladinen Sir Belkas Shieldheart
Den noble paladin blev en fast del af Waterdeep og trak sig tilbage i sit mansion i Waterdeep. Belkas fik bragt stor ære til Shieldhart familienavnet og hans tro væbner Lester blev genoplivet ved en større ceremoni. Lester som også fik stor hæder og med Sir Belkas egne ord havde været en “afgørende faktor” i Gruppens success. Rygtet på gaden vil vide at Sir Belkas med tiden blev en af de Hidden Lords of Waterdeep.

Monk-Roguen Vargas Tenebris
Den retmæssige ejer af kroen Raging Lion Inn. Mærkeligt nok valgte han aldrig at genopbygge kroen efter branden og forlod den kort tid efter. Efter sigende kun i det tøj han gik i og med sit sværd i hånden. Inden da havde hans navn også været indblandet i en række mystiske dødsfald i gaderne omkring kroen i den nordøstlige del af Waterdeep. Men det blev aldrig efterforsket og blev betragtet som onde tunger, da Vargas jo blev anset som folkehelt. Senere udtalte Sir Belkas at han havde været bekymret i længere tid for Vargas sindstilstand da han nærmest var paranoid og behandlede hans sværd han havde fundet i Darkhold som en levende rejsekammerat.
Længere tid efter dukkede hans navn op i fortællinger fra Cormyr. Fortællinger om Vargas der eftersigende skulle have indtaget en betydende plads i toppen af Zhentarim organisationen og nu var blevet ruler af Darkhold Castle.

Sorcereren Almus Sumdar
Forsvandt også fra Warterdeep. Ingen ved hvornår han egentlig forsvandt eller hvorhen. Hans forsvinden udløste en større diplomatisk krise mellem Dværgene i Mithral Hall og Waterdeep. Hans forsvinden var nemlig sammenfaldende med hvornår Crystal Shard forsvandt fra Dværgekongens varetægt mens han deltog i det 10 Council. Flere år senere dukkede hand navn op igen i forbindelse med et større slag i det nordlige Silver Marches. Her skulle han eftersigende være den ultimative hersker over en større hær af orcs, ogres, goblins og flere giants. Alt sammen styret udfra et stort grønt krystaltårn. Hans Hær mødte en samlet dværgehær i det der blev kendt som “50 dages slaget”. Almus “the evil conquerer” blev aldrig fundet blandt de døde.

Blog nu opdelt

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Hej med jer

Der er nu lavet en separat Blog for de to grupper. Kaldet “Blog Jylland” og “Blog København”.

Fælles beskeder vil blive gengivet på begge blogs.

Nye medlemmer

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Velkommen til Kim Thomsen og Tobias Ørum som nytilkomne medlemmer af Orkerhulen !

Maraton weekend

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HUSK! Maraton Weekend er fredag 20/3 kl. 18.00 til Lørdag 21/3 kl. 16.00

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