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going home

Comments Posted on 29 May, 2019 22:10

We all left Waterdeep to go back to Uldoon. it was a long trip on bumpy roads and the dust crept in inside all crevices.
we made the trip extra far as we took time to go to Elturel, the city that never sleeps.
The most important thing to do in Elturel was for the Dwarf to find his old Tutor within the Moradin church from his homemountain range in Kazzarak, the highpriest who send him of on the mission to find and bring back a Moradin relic.
Gruff returned to Elturel with a relic and the intention to bring back his highpriest to Kazzarak and receive the blessing of Moradin.
Others had their things to do on the way back to Uldoon, Killin made new friends of sorts, and business`. Bouw Landers did some herbology of his own.
The fighters seems happy just gaining miles behind them.
So they picked up the dwarven highpriest and even got support on their last miles to Uldoon, for safety reasons, they said.

We arrived in Uldoonlate in the afternoon, and people were happy to see us. Suddenly the whole party split up having lots of stuff to take care of on their own. Business was arrange by many and others turned to the citycouncil to report of our heroics.
the citycouncil had news for us as a kind of bonus for our troubles. They told of us great treasures to be found below Durlags tower, in his resting place.
everyone was quit excited to go on another adventure as it sounded like a rather easy task, dead people and treasure for the taking…optimism blossomed.

we travelled as a large group towards Durlags tower, it seemed as the trip to Durlags resting place was just a thing to be done within hours , as the group split up in two, the “old” group who went indside the tower, and the newcomers who stayed outside and were told to wait until we were back.
A trip to durlags tower is never easy, we found out, once again.

It did´nt take us long to find the way inside the lower part of the tower, it was easy to enter through a secret door inside the huge fireplace on the first floor.
More secret doors and traps, nothing unusual, but there was this feel to it, that this mage who lived here years ago was never giving up lightly any treasure, eeven in death.
We entered a strange room with 6 doors in it, all closed. as soon as anyone stepped inside a room they disappeared for the others, strange magic was in place. everyone ended up separated, two found each others within seconds, others were left all alone in strange tombs.
It is still not known if everyone has survived these tombs.

7 days of rest

Comments Posted on 24 Mar, 2019 20:36

Back in the old ruins, Conrad Strongarm, jeffrey the Just and Gruff had some time to think about their situation as they knew that it would take their travelling comrades a few days to catch up with them. Gruff had an idea that he had to follow, he went back into the ruins, the same way they had just come out. there he went for the corpses of the poor victim of Dargoths cruelties and Dargots´s body too. he really wanted to bring both to Uldoon, for relief and for possible questioning of Dargoth. He also brought with him all the silvercoins that they had left behind in the first place.
He dragged all of it with him in the boat, but it was heavy loaded and barely made its way back out.

In Uldoon, Kharsus Thantul, Bouw Landers, Quilling Lightfinger and Enna Aelar spend some time recuperating from battle, and they also took time to visit the council and tell them of our times of trouble.
Bouw Landers had himself a new leg, with a little help from the Gods above. he gave the silver pegleg that Gruff had forged him, to the healers church as a symbol of gratitude.
They left, from Uldoon, early to search for their lost friends and they found them back in the forest, near durlags tower. The 3 fighters had found their own way back to their horses and wagon, through the forest, their spirits high and their wagon filled with gold and silver coins.
together they returned to Uldoon to take some time off from the demanding adventuring life.
Everyone had their own businesses to attend to, bouw Landers did his best to keep his garden in shape.
Kharsus Thantul readied his gear and shared the loot from the old ruins to everyones satisfaction.
Quillin Fastfingers did what that type of businessmen do best.
Meetings were held.
Gruff had jobs done at the smithy.
Strongarm and Just kept up appearences.
it was a rather uneventful week spent in Uldoon. but then there was another council meeting and suddenly we were heading for Waterdeep as rumours had it that this was the only place where anyone knew how to handle the black orb.luckily we were teleported to Waterdeep, unfortunately that ment that Boe the Mule had to stay back in Uldoon. But he was well taken care of in the smithy.
Arrived safely in Waterdeep, in some townhall with important people waiting for our company.
Rulers and great masters were there listening to our story, and asked a lot of questions, they also answered our questions aswell. but the news for us was that they had a special assignment for us, to enter the undermountain below Waterdeep and seek out some special personalities whom they believed to be able to “disintegrate” the orb, either a fallen Angel or an Eyetyrant. As neither of us new much of any of those creatures we left for the library to seek out information, which was still minimal, so we have decided that we shall enter the undermountain prepared with our great wits and even more luck and see to get that orb destroyed and then we shall return to the surface again. What could possible go wrong

exploring the ruins part 2

Comments Posted on 17 Mar, 2019 17:38

A thick layer of dust covered the floor of the 10 foot wide corridor below the cover from the Slugs resting place. a light was lid and the air was dry as if it had been abandoned for years and years. We looked for any signs of traps or clues to where we should be heading, but the dustfilled the air when we stepped around in the corridor and it all got a little blurry. suddenly a small “Qlick sound” was heard as Conrad Strongarm moved south in down the stonelaid corridor. Suddenly there was slow movements from a fairly wide hallway, a huge shadow with heavy steps showed up and took a stand to stop us from further movement. We tried to talk to it, no response. We tried to say different passwords to make passage, no response. Then Gruff tried to pass the statue by force, then it reacted, with heavy blows of its marple arms and it hurt Gruff badly.
but it was no match for the 3 fighters, weapons hit the statue over and over again and in the end it crumbled to dust before our eyes, we could now proceed after taking a short rest.
Still we had difficulties finding proper orientation and at a cross-section we turned left just to run into an old trap as 2 swords of adamantite hit out at Conrad Strongarm as he turned a corned, it was placed on a crevice that was connected to some kind of springtrap, just placed in the height to seperate legs from upper body. Strongarm took a deep hit, but luckily some of his armor took some of the power of the swords. But he certainly had to spend a little time to recover from that blow.
as we headed on into the dungeon below the templeruins, we came acros a large room 25 foot wide and more than 60 foot from one end to the other, which by the way was a small landingplace for boats, and a river. in the rooms several statues of pure marple was erected of elven kings. Another doorway was across the room, and the room was covered in spiderwebs. Gruff announced his disgust with spiders by shrugging his shoulders and saying gutural noises, but noone doubted his behaviour. out of the hallway came two huge monstrous spiders and they were as ugly as they seemed hungry and they headed straight for food in metal cans, the fighters. But the experienced fighters placed them selves smart against the spiders, taking good use of all their fighting experience, they flanked them and defeated them, but you just never feel safe against spiders and their venom. from here on it was a walk in the park, for now. Huge tresures awaited in all sizes. MONEY and magic, whats not to like for an adventurer and that was what they found. Boots, horseshoes and a cloak was among the magic items and the adventurers divided them betveen themselves. they decided to let some of the money stay as they doubted that they could carry them all to Uldoon. Out in the main room by the small pier by the river, there were 2 boats. one in exellent shape, one not so much. Gruff felt very uncomfortable as he had never been inside a boat before and it took a whole lot of persuassion from Strongarm to convince the old dwarf that going by boat was the best idea.
Gruff blessed a very long rope to stick between the boat and the pier as he had an idea that it could maybe help them to come back to retrieve what they had left.
So they slid out into the river by boat, they flowed down the river for a few minutes before they came upon a huge hole in the stone wall, a natural cave. The adventurers decided to check out the cave not leaving anythingbehind them. They “parked the boat below the entrance and climbed into the caveopening. it was scary stuff as they stumbled upon a large crocodile carcass, half eaten. the cave opened up into a large natural room, with more crocodile skeletons and a bad athmosphere all around it. we searched the cave shortly and decided to be on our way…but first we had to take car of that green slimy monster that had sneaked up between us and our boat. An illsmelling carrion crawler looked out for us as its next meal. But again, the amazing skills of the warriors seperated the carrion crawler in bits and pieces. After the fight , Gruff all smeared in spider slime and carrion crawler guts searced its insides for things worth keeping, and all he found was a small polished stone that the acids of the stomach had not been able to digest, he took the beautyful stone and has placed it in his Maul for good luck.
After this encounter the group took a long rest as they felt pretty comfortable in this lair. The day after they flowed on down the river in their boat and reached out in the sunlight. they found the temple again and found themselves safe for the moment, they sent a message to Kharsus Thantul of their fortune to be alive, it was received and answered with relieved words of comfort and a “see you soon”.

Exploring the ruins part 1

Comments Posted on 17 Mar, 2019 01:57

4 adventurers left the Dracolich cave through the portal, two stayed heroically along side with the one who could never leave that way, he could never pronounce the keywordline to power the portal.
Jeffry the Just, Conrad Strongarm and Gruff Grimcleave the mute dwarf barely saved their skin as they hurried out of the cave, back to Dargoth chambers.
They sat there, breathing heavily, trying to figure out what they were to do now.
Gruff ask Moradin for a small favour and send a message to his wizard comrade, Kharsus Thantul, saying they were all allright for now, and a short while after there came words from the fleeing group that they were glad to hear of our survival and that they would return to Uldoon to settle some things and Bouw Landers leg, properbly returning 3-5 days later.
That message made the 3 leftovers start planning some different scenarios to make well use of their time in the ruins.
First of all Jeffry the Just wanted to give the heavily barred doors to the outside a go and see if he by brutal strength could make his way out. That did not work out, solidly placed to either keep people in or out they also had some strange magic keeping them in place.
Gruff made a sinister plan that he called “Plan K”, K as in kill-the dracolich. It was a complecated plan involving spells of divine beauty and necrotic madness, Channel Divinity, forging, corpses and lots of preparation and at last a good portion of luck and hopefully the plan would end in a fight against evil that would be legendary.

Conrad Strongarm were never much for plan K as he never liked the idea of necroticspell use and deep in his heart he had difficult seeing how the three of us should ever be capable of slaying a dracolich who send a whole group of adventurers on their knees just hours before, so he decided for a plan C that would go ahead of plan K.
He simply wanted to explore the Elven ancient ruins for other ways out. Gruff thought that idea to be boring and unambitious but never the less he agreed on searching, in his heart hoping they would find nothing at all.
So they ventured into the ruins again, found the corpse of Dargoth and Gruff decided that he might as well bring it to the dragoncave entrance as he was gonna use it for plan K anyways. But as they returned to the “slugroom” they took some time searching where the slug had surfaced, and miracously enough, Conrad Strongarm found a round cover in the floor under the Slug. Lots of Slug mucous, stone and gravel made it really difficult to see, but there it was, with the old signs of the elven god, Corellon Lerathian. as they put their crowbars to the edge of the stonecover Gruff saw some fine lines inside the picture that he dusted of and sorted out, they were fine handles that noone without a crack for stonemasonry and quality would never find. with handles in hand it was an easy job to remove the cover without breaking the old stoneart of the elves.
dry air came through the hole and a fall of 10-15 feet ended up on a stone floor, the leftovers were sure they had found another way out…Gruff was a little biased about this.

Who is in, and who is out?

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Dusting ourselves off after our encounter with the skeleton army and after ressurecting our “friendship” with Roland, we took a long rest in the tiny hut.
Everyone got up, Gruff removed a skeletonmark from Bouws forehead, and stayed shy of removing any from Quillins forehead as he don´t think that Quillins concerns are concerns of Moradin.
Gruff sculpted himself a huge Maul, that he liked much more than the warhammer he had used, he also liked the idea not to hide behind a shield, but moving towards enemies head on.
Enna was in a poor mood after being left behind by his brother but she took interest in Bouw/Quillin who showed her respect for her help in needed situation also pointing out that she by no means was responsible for her brothers foul deeds.
But as we left the safety of the hut we went back to the “throneroom” where we had the encounter with the huge Slug, a great set of doubledoors had our curiosity. We should had suspected it, there was no lock on the door, that is never a good sign, in we went.
Using a magic observing eye, Kharsu thought he had it all figured out, we could all safely sit back and wait for him to spy on the dungeon ahead and then move in, knowing what would await us.
that does not work against ghosts inside walls and big monsters hiding behind huge shields that they could not come about.
so we went in, knowing that no monsters awaited us, short move into a cellar where some poor human was offered on a stone table with a big Myrkul sign above it on the wall. Gruff went to pick up the human to seal him and bring him back to his relatives for a funeral that would suit him better. Gruff caught a glimpse of necklace on this dead fellow and took it of him and handed it to Kharsus who likes to stack our stuff and then sit there and look at it for hours when we rest.
Then the ghosts arrived through the walls and they were somehow related to the ghosts that we had slain before, at least they wore the same style of sheets and swords. One of the got a good slice of Bouws leg, actually he lost it and was bleeding heavily from the stump, but he managed to stop the bleeding when he put up some kind of conqogtion that he had brewed back in Uldoon.
Gruff took a great swing with his maul missing the first try as he tried to find the right balance in the weapon, then he tried again and this time he hit the ghosts with his blessed maul so hard that it disappeared as a puff of smoke. Then the situation turned to worse as a huge wall of metal moved down towards us from up the tunnel where we ourselves had just come from, and it came with speed and violence. Kharsus created some kind of forcefield that kept it at bay for a minute, and he tried to orcestra a strategy how to meet it on best terms as he could´nt hold it back forever. the fighters obviously had problems understanding that kind of strategy or maybe they did´nt like the thought of taking orders from a wizard. they decided to take the monstrocity heads on. and they did and they got beaten pretty badly, until Gruff Grimcleaver, spurned on by his prevous succes with his new weapon, found a weak spot at the monsters lower back. He took aim and stroke it with his maul right on the backspine, and it gave a loud crash when he broke it and the metal monster fell to its knees and found peace.
There were a round of applause from the rest of the group and Gruff felt for a few seconds the sence of pride, then he remembered that gloating over a victory was shameful and he spurred the others to move on further into the ruins to hide his embarresment due to his lack of selfcontrol.
There was not much time for anyone to enjoy the latest victory, as the group stumbled upon 2 large skeletonmonsters who served as guards in Dargoths quarters, but we served them only steel and spells and even when they were assisted by a bone naga, they stood no chance and again the moonwhisperers felt undefeatable, and they went on, found a secret stone door inside the fireplace of the room and when they opened the secret door they found sounds of water running, and a big cave with many feets to ceiling and the end of the cave, it also contained a strange portal and a skeleton dragon or was it a dracolich? noone dared to ask.
then everyone decided to take on the dragon on its premises without making any kind of tactical plans, that did not turn out well, and Kharsu had to deal with it as he locked it up in a kind of forcefield for some time. Everybody ran for the portal, when Kharsus yelled that he knew the commandword to make the portal work. Quillin and then Enna understood the words of power to travel through the portal, so did Bouw. Kharsus himself thought of it for a second and took Gruff´s hand as he realised that Gruff´s flaw of not being able to speak would stop him from getting out of the dragons cavern, and together they went to the portal just ahead of Sir Strongarm and Jeffry the Just. Kharsus said the right words and disappeared. Did he let go of Gruffs hand or was he unable to take someone with him through the portal?, we don´t know. When Kharsus left there was nothing holding the dragon from breaking out of the forcefield and attacking the rest of the party. They ran , head over heels for the secret door leading to Dargoths chambers just in time to see the dragon release a huge lightningbolt that just missed them in the dooropening.
what would happen now. Quillin, Enna, Kharsus, Bouw all left, maybe for good, maybe to the tower where other portals were found earlier, maybe they were at some completely new strange place in Faerun, the 3 leftovers had no idea, and what about the others, did they expect that their comrades had been killed by the dragon or drowned in the river running through the cave, did it make any sence to go back and look and put themselves in front of the terrible dragon once again? we will find out

wandering the Elven woods.

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We had lost the battle against the undead dragon, we had lost friends, Gruff had lost his fine mule to the skeleton hordes, those were hard times for the group of adventurers.
Kharsus and Bouw left durlags tower to seek advice in Uldoon, while the rest grieved for their fallen comrades. Gruff grimcleaver spend all night in deep prayers while he burried his mule, Boe.
When the morning sun rose above the trees around the tower and the surviving members of the party had found some rest in the late night, everyone was dumbfounded to see mule alive, grassing in the clearing, while Gruff was sound asleep on the grave he had made himself for his mule. There was no sound explanation for this occurence except that Gruff send many prayers of thankfulness towards the skies while holding his holy symbol of Moradin in his clasped in his hands. Even Ena whom had mourned all night for the loss of her brother, found joy in this miracle.
We set out from the tower again as soon as Kharsus and bouw returned from Uldoon, looking for that old elven temple. First of all, looking out for our lost comrades, secondly to find that cursed “friend ” of ours, Roland Aelar, the third reason to travel them woods was to upbring that Dargoth Undeadbringer.
but the first upstacle was to find that cursed temple in that great forest filled with too many wild animals and too little sunlight. it was really hard to navigate properly.
back and forth, back and forth, never quite knowing the direction.
In the meantime while we were searching in the woods, news got to us that warriors were waiting for us, to join our search, back at the tower. Even though that this was a waste of our time, the group made a decision to include them in the search. some of us were afraid that the extra time we spend searching would mean the death to our friends if there was ever a chance to find them alive.
the 2 newcomers were Sir Conrad Strongarm, a veteran warrior and his squire Jeffry “the just”, whatever that means. they settled well into the group and soon after they joined, we located the old temple ruins.
We entered into what we expected to be the old main entrance, and moved quickly into the room to catch potentiel enemies offguard. We should have done that differently as the only ones who got really surprised were ourselves, when a foul beast, hiding in the ruins, rose up in the middle of it all and made havoc. Everyone was cought of guard and people were hit and tumbling all around the Giant Slug. Except the newcomer Sir Strongarm, he stood his ground and he attacked the slug with a ferocious attack that severed its tentaclehead from its body, and that fight was over before it had really become a fight, and the group had found a new leader for the time being, and ena had found a new love.
after this short fight the group kept going deeper into the ruins, and with the keen eyes of Gruff and his knowledge of stonemasonry he found a hidden door that lead the group to a fine burial chamber, obviously a resting place for some fine elves, long forgotten.
Then another attack came, from the shadows, out of the walls, some ghosts tried to lay their deadly hands on us, and they put up a good fight and two of them fled back into the shadows after encountering us.
We took a long rest in Kharsus marvelous hut, it is this nice warm globe that keeps creepy monsters outside and everyone warm and comfortable on the inside.
after a nice rest we searched on in the ruins and soon we entered a gigantic cave…and a huge skeleton army was waiting in the dark, it was horrifying and we kind of stumbled right into the battle, no strategi, no planning, no nothing but putting out our swords to fight this massive army. and in the back we could get a glimpse of two humanoids, Roland Aelar and whom we guessed to be Dargoth undeadbringer. It was a fierce battle, skeletons crumbled over, but others took their place and it went on and on. But in the middle of the battlefield some strange phenomena, a warp or gate were forming, but we could not get to it, but it held Dargoth from joining the battle.
We were close to be destroyed by that skeltonswarm, but we kept going until suddenly a figure stepped out of the Gate, the Avatar of Myrkul had entered Faerun looking to gain strength in the realms. It talked as we frose by its words, and it offered thanks to Dargoth to make it possible for the avatar to enter Faerun, and then it killed him, outright, he just died at the hands of his own master. Then the Avatar took of, we never found out where.
There we were, fighting the last skeletons whom seemed to had lost their will to fight, and then we confronted our old friend, Roland Aelar, who stood there with the Orb in his hands and claimed his innocence while his sister, blinded by a sisters love for her brother, defended his behaviour to the group. He asked for understanding and that he should be allowed to take his leave without being taken to Uldoon for questioning. Ena was ready to fight for his right. the newcomers had no idea what say about this matter, Quillin seemed more interested in dead corpses than taking care of the orbproblem, so it was left to Kharsus, Bouw and Gruff to handle all the matters at hand. Kharsus convinced Roland to hand over the Orb, but he seemedready to let roland leave, that was not the case for Gruff, who spend time looking through his doctrines to find out how to handle the situation and here is what it ruled “Commitment #Vll: Bring criminals and evildoers to justice” and somewhere else he found a quote saying “if you steal, Moradin will not help you”. So Gruff took a stand in the only obvious escaperoute to keep Roland from leaving, but it was never enough, Roland pushed his sister aside and spoke a few words of magic and disappeared. but it aint over till the fat lady sings, as they say in Waterdeep and it seems that Gruff is looking to hunt him down to make him pay for his sins, one way or the other.

Back from Durlags Tower and attack of the horde

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That tower is death, or at least we thought so…
it became a game of hide and seek and a lot of luck, but in the end we kicked Banshees butts, and then it became time to take care of Zlavak, which was a hard fight.
He almost cought us as he beamed himself in and out of the fight and each time he took a party member with him to the dungeons beneath the tower with no obvious way to escape. A lucky call saw us find a weakness in the construction so we dug ourselves out in open air.
Then we prepared ourselves for a final battle against Zlavak, and better organization meant a world of difference. We beat him, we fount his black orb and kind of conquered the tower.
We brought lots of knowledge with us to Uldoon and we also brought the Orb, and then it was stolen from us, by no others than one of our party members: Roland Aerlar.
Now we are all on his tracks, and they lead back towards the tower, maybe he sees himself as the new owner. But if he thinks that we are gonna leave it at that, he is wrong. If his sister Enna thinks that there will be any kind of afterthought when we meet up with him again and that she can hinder a fast trial and execution, she might end up in trouble herself
We are coming in…

Added by DM:

Further, Uldoon was attacked by a Horde of Skeletons marked with the same white skull as you saw before. You aided the village in defending it and prevailed. But the victory came at a great loss as several people including women, children and livestock was slaughtered during the attack.

From another Council meeting you learned that this attack was “only” from a lesser horde out of a huge skeleton horde called the “Dark Army”. You were also informed by the Council that the attack on Uldoon was the most recent in a very critical and dire situation for the Western Heartlands. Most of the Western Heartlands has already been overrun by the horde of skeletons. Beregost, Greenest and Nashkel villages were already in ruins and the surviving inhabitants and government has fled to either Baldurs Gate, Elturel or Beredusk. The Kingdom of Elturgaard as well as Lords Alliance has put out an emergency decree that the lands are now at war. Against whom is not certain, but it is believed that this Dark and foul priest called Dargoth Undeadbringer is part of the cause. a priest which is believed to serve Myrkul “The lord of Bones” – which also explains the white skull on all the skeletons. Among the people this Dark army is also being referred to as “Myrkul skeletons”.

Due to this situation is extremely difficult and very dangerous to travel the Western Heartlands and specially the lands within Kingdom of Elturgaard. This situation has also resulted in that only a few of the normal Council participants were present in Uldoon after the attack.

Red areas= Under Dark army control
Yellow cities= still unconquered and being defended
Candlekeep has been sealed of and shut down

Only Sir Garlan Lashkar, Ulder ravengaard, Lord Dhelt – Captain of the Hellriders and Lady Cylyria Dragonbreast, were present. All were flown in on griffons from the North. These few had to represent Baldurs Gate, Elturgaard and Lords Alliance.

Ulder Ravengaard even brought some Guards from the flaming fist.

The Council thanked the characters for defending Uldoon. Enna, Ulfgar and Caius all gained renown in Lords Alliance equal to become Rank 3 “Stingblades”

Ulder Ravengaard said he would muster and launch Flaming fist army to retake Beregost and Nashkel. Lord Dhelt and Lady Cylyria would muster a joint army of Elturgaard and send it to retake Greenest.

While doing this they need you to take upon the task to hunt Dargoth Undeadbringer. You should stay away from the fallen villages as they are swarmed by the skeleton horde.

One complication has occurred. The orb disappeared during the night from Sir Garlans private residence. Roland Aelar has gone missing. In addition one of “The Riders” horses is also missing. Enna was last seen in an emotional, but private discussion with Caius – hereafter she disappeared as well.

So status is currently four things are not yet found:

Roland Aelar
His sister Enna Aelar
The Black Orb
Dargoth Undeadbringer

The days are growing darker in the heartlands. Hope is starting to disappear among the people of the lands. Hundreds of people including women and children and hundreds of livestock has been slaughtered….. People are asking “for what means?”, “why us?”, “who is behind this threat?” and last but not least: Who will help us and who will save us?……………………

Blue area = Kingdom of Elturgaard
Yellow cities = Elturgaard controlled cities that has pledge allegiance
Orange city (Ieriaebor) = Elturgaard influenced city

Inside Durlags tower

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Argh, fire, lots of fire.
Restless Craniums with firepower.
Run you fools, run up the stairs.
Acid steps, fire below.
come on, enter the room,I check one door, you check the other.
WOOOW, I close that door, stay chubby!
Quiling, why are you running like that, don´t go in there, maybe you will set off a trap…..too late.
Monsters all over, everything good will come to an end.
There is no hope in Durlags tower, only pain.

Durlags basement part 2

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Where everyone found politics interesting, Gruff only thought of getting back to retrieve leftovers from the fight. And he did, he collected so much that he could exchange the loot to an order of a platemail, a real platemail Gruff size.
Some groupmembers became members of “Lords alliance” others rejected the strains of a membership, all a matter of interests.
Bouw Landers was offered the Hags estate if he promised to clean up after her reign.
Everyone was sticking to their own business when the council called for a gathering. There was a new tssk for the Moonwhispers: enter Durlags tower from the magicdoor we uncovered. But first we should gather information from the halflings in a small village clpse to the tower.
But before take of, someone in the group conspired against Gruffs odour. They bought him new fine clothes with Moradin symbols embroidered in the fabric. Gruff took the bait and he even to a wash, 3 hours did the job to clean him from years of hygiene neglect.
Then it was of to see the halflings in Gullakin.
We arrived late at night and were invited for a feast of brew and mushrooms. That cocktail almost got the party killed when a late encounter from an army of undeads harassed the village in the middle of the night. All being doused from the meal they had a hard time putting up a fight. But in the end the heroes won through ironwill.
We left another village as heroes when will our luck run out?
Reunited with the basement of the tower I guess we all considered it a minor task to enter through the magic door, a door that would only open with a codeword, which Thantul had figured out from our letter and map in dwarvish , Burakin was the word and we could all enter into a tower that is said that noone leaves again.
Tentacles in the dark

Durlags basement

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as we settled in Uldoon we made a few friends, Gruff found an employer in the the Smithy, it is and odd relationship where Gruff works for free and gets yelled at if he arrives late or takes a longer break than expected. Caius makes friends at the council, and he is also very highly thought of by Enna.
Bouw Landers, the monk, has befriended everything that walks the street in Uldoon, even the old woman Narissa.
Kharsus Thantul has done great things with befriending the inn keeper of the crawling cow and he is arranging a big show at the citysquare where Bouw Landers and Kharsus will set up an illusionist/acrobat show.
On one of the following days after our arrival, Roland the wizard, lost our map, it got stolen. We started a search for the Map, but it was hard to make an organized search as bouw and Kharsus practised for their show, Quillin was getting drunk at the inn, Gruff worked very hard at the smithy, so actually the only one searching was our leader, Caius Moonwhisper. He started his search at the citycouncil who had no idea to whom the map could have any interest, but they suggested to copy out of memory. Caius did that but could find no peace not knowing who had stolen the original. He then went to Narissa to ask if she had any knowledge of the map, a map that she had showed some interest in when shown to her.
Caius found her in her garden where he confronted her about the missing map. Nearby, Gruff working at the smithy, saw his friend entering the garden through the opening in the hedge. The next time he looked up from the heat from the forge, Caius was nowhere to be seen and there was no opening to the garden, gruff left the smithy to go check on his friend. No sound came from the garden and Gruff had a difficult time to see any signs of Caius or the old woman, so he drew his axe to cut a hole in the hedge. As he managed to make a peephole in the branches he saw a spectacular sight of a transformed woman who had changed to the worse, beating up the great warrior with the help of her great dog. Gruff decided to join the fight to even out the numbers, but it was a task in itself to get through the hedge, it was as if it was alive and holding him back, but he came through and the two managed to kill of both dog and the old Hag.
She had some interesting things in her possesion, two potions made of the golden crown flower (Raise dead) and some other stuff too.
Somewhere else in town Kharsus and bouw Landers prepared their show, and at night they made a spectacular performance with a mix of acrobatics and illusions with lots of highlights and surely a night to be remembered by most of the citizens of Uldoon.
But they could not rest on their laurels, and only a few days after, sir garlan Lashkar asks the Moonwhispers to investigate the undergroundcaves near durlags tower.
So they took on the journey to durlags tower leaving without Quilling who had other matters to attend to.
It was no easy task to enter the the caveopening they found near Durlags tower, all around there was goblins and hobgoblins on the lookout. But the heroes managed to enter after quite a beating, but it will only be remembered that they killed of two major enemies, first it was Marzick the devastator a huge hobgoblin leader and after that it was an even bigger foe, Marzicks boss, Azzok the hobgoblin warlord, who fell at the hands of Caius Moonwhisper who fell him with a great swing to Azzoks neck.
now the moonwhisperers were underneath durlags tower and they found themselves starring at an amazing metal doubledoor emanating magic abjuration and the only attempt to open the door missed greatly.
Caius and Gruff to notes of the Dwarven runes that was written in the stones around the door, for examination later, now it was time to return to Uldoon.

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