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Bonfire with Dargoth and goodbye Boe

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Goodbye Boe

”Gruffs goodbye
Some days are bad,
Nights are always sad.
Your eyes, dark, but warm,
Comforting, friendly.
Forever closed.
Some call you mule,
Just an animal.
My friend
You cared, worked,
looked out for me,
Your last breath,
A warning.
I failed.”

We rode out from Uldoon, heading for the tower again in search of Enna and her brother, some would suggest that we only rode out for the orb. As we closed in on the tower we were met by one of Dargoths minions, a messenger skeleton. He was not able to deliver the message in person as we soiled the ground with his bones long before we came close to him. Fortunately his message was texted on a big banner , the words written in blood.

It was a message from Dargoth who seeked our allegiance with a great offer, it was an offer to turn ourselves to the dark side.

We only had to answer yes to lit fire outside Durlags tower. Still we all agreed to stick with Uldoon and our allies there.

We arrived at the tower later that night, finding Enna in front of a huge lit fire. She was yelling her brothers name again and again towards the tower, no answer.

Within minutes everything went anything but according to plans. Quillin announced that he was in contact with Daggoth that demanded our surrender. Enna was hard to reach. Dargoth contacted our Rogue as foretold on the skeletons banner. However the content of the contact was somewhat not fully transparent as it turned out to happen as a “message” inside Quilins head.

From what he shared Dargoth was asking for you to join him and serve him and the god Myrkul. The latter was somewhat a strange request as Myrkul is a dead god – slain in the Time of Troubles by Cyrics blade in Waterdeep close to Blackstaffs Tower.

But from the voice of Dargoth, Quillins sharing and the banner – Myrkul seems to be active a some level providing guidance and power to Dargoth as he referred to himself as the “chosen ones”. You were offered to become his “chosen ones” as well and to take whatever you wanted from Durlags Treasure.

The group had difficulties finding answers to how to handle the ”offers ” from Dargoth, some wanted to join as an excuse to get close to the villain. The paladins had quarrels with their values to trick the bad guy, so the Knight Ulfgar and our Paladin Leader did not really accept this approach. Others wanted to, and one even seemed eager to join for all the wrong reasons.

You and Enna also learnt the brutal truth that Roland was unharmed and well and was standing at the side of Dargoth – having decided to join him and his cause. A message that made Ulfgar even more furious – challenging Dargoth to a honorable fight to the death face to face – which might also have contributed to that the negotiation phase ended rather sudden.

For Enna the message has the opposite effect – devastated and paralyzed by her brothers act she feel to the ground crying.

What messages that were send after this or what “mental” communication that happened after this – if any – is somewhat unknown. Quillin share only limited of this if anything.

The result was we were unable to answer Dargoth in unity he answered with war against us.

All around us a skeleton army emerged, skeleton warriors on skeleton steeds, former minotaurs now minions in this army of Myrkul and other hideous creatures of unknown kind attacked us and our horses who stood no chance against these creatures of death.

Everyone fought for their lives, some more lucky than others. Just as we got the upperhand in this battle we heard sounds from above us and in the light from the fire against the cloudy night sky we saw the most foul creature, a dracolich or skeleton dragon.

We stood no chance and most of us cried out in fear, even the paladins had difficulties to stand ground, they were forfeited. The dragon slayed the three fighter by its lightning breath and took the two holy warriors in its claws and flew away to an unknown destination for us. Both seemed dead when the dragon left. What is strange is that the Draclolich seemed to ignore all the enemies that was in front of it and passed directly by them to the fighters. Even when Kharsus tried to restrain the dragons wings with a web and when Gruff tried to Turn it away with help of Moradin – it ignored it. It seemed completely focussed on the knight and the paladin or the ones that did not want to join Dargoth. But how could it see or know so clearly who among us was the knight and paladin and who among us was against joining Dargoth.

In the aftermath we found ourselves battered and without leader, arguments and blaming in the air.

We entered the tower almost certain that no one was around as we had been scrying the whole place. We found nothing, only this time we had better time to search the areas around the portals on top level. We figured that these portals would take us to our foe, but we had no idea how to turn them on. Kharsus did find out that one of the teleportation circles seemed to lead to something called “The old Temple”. For a moment Quillin lightened up and said he heard the same term – however he stopped himself and became quiet again within seconds.

Quillin and Thantul wanted to seek advice in Uldoon, Gruff wanted to make a proper funeral for Boe, the mule. Enna, still with us stayed along with the monk. Enna still with a vague hope for her brother to regret his move and return to her.

Thantul and Quillin might have some answers for our road ahead as they have made council with Father Bronn in Uldoon about this “old Temple”. They figured out that it referred to an ancient elven temple to Correllion in the south-west part of Wood of Sharp Teeth, which once belonged to a big elven Kingdom called Asvarak.

It sounds as if we will find friends and foes in the woods to the south west, but for now it is was step forward and two step back as status is:

Orb still not retrieved

Dargoth is still to be found

At least we know where we have Roland, but he is also to be found

Our Leader Paladin Caius and our knight Ulfgar might be dead and their bodies are gone.

Boe got slaughtered

It has indeed become a starless night…….

Back from Durlags Tower and attack of the horde

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That tower is death, or at least we thought so…
it became a game of hide and seek and a lot of luck, but in the end we kicked Banshees butts, and then it became time to take care of Zlavak, which was a hard fight.
He almost cought us as he beamed himself in and out of the fight and each time he took a party member with him to the dungeons beneath the tower with no obvious way to escape. A lucky call saw us find a weakness in the construction so we dug ourselves out in open air.
Then we prepared ourselves for a final battle against Zlavak, and better organization meant a world of difference. We beat him, we fount his black orb and kind of conquered the tower.
We brought lots of knowledge with us to Uldoon and we also brought the Orb, and then it was stolen from us, by no others than one of our party members: Roland Aerlar.
Now we are all on his tracks, and they lead back towards the tower, maybe he sees himself as the new owner. But if he thinks that we are gonna leave it at that, he is wrong. If his sister Enna thinks that there will be any kind of afterthought when we meet up with him again and that she can hinder a fast trial and execution, she might end up in trouble herself
We are coming in…

Added by DM:

Further, Uldoon was attacked by a Horde of Skeletons marked with the same white skull as you saw before. You aided the village in defending it and prevailed. But the victory came at a great loss as several people including women, children and livestock was slaughtered during the attack.

From another Council meeting you learned that this attack was “only” from a lesser horde out of a huge skeleton horde called the “Dark Army”. You were also informed by the Council that the attack on Uldoon was the most recent in a very critical and dire situation for the Western Heartlands. Most of the Western Heartlands has already been overrun by the horde of skeletons. Beregost, Greenest and Nashkel villages were already in ruins and the surviving inhabitants and government has fled to either Baldurs Gate, Elturel or Beredusk. The Kingdom of Elturgaard as well as Lords Alliance has put out an emergency decree that the lands are now at war. Against whom is not certain, but it is believed that this Dark and foul priest called Dargoth Undeadbringer is part of the cause. a priest which is believed to serve Myrkul “The lord of Bones” – which also explains the white skull on all the skeletons. Among the people this Dark army is also being referred to as “Myrkul skeletons”.

Due to this situation is extremely difficult and very dangerous to travel the Western Heartlands and specially the lands within Kingdom of Elturgaard. This situation has also resulted in that only a few of the normal Council participants were present in Uldoon after the attack.

Red areas= Under Dark army control
Yellow cities= still unconquered and being defended
Candlekeep has been sealed of and shut down

Only Sir Garlan Lashkar, Ulder ravengaard, Lord Dhelt – Captain of the Hellriders and Lady Cylyria Dragonbreast, were present. All were flown in on griffons from the North. These few had to represent Baldurs Gate, Elturgaard and Lords Alliance.

Ulder Ravengaard even brought some Guards from the flaming fist.

The Council thanked the characters for defending Uldoon. Enna, Ulfgar and Caius all gained renown in Lords Alliance equal to become Rank 3 “Stingblades”

Ulder Ravengaard said he would muster and launch Flaming fist army to retake Beregost and Nashkel. Lord Dhelt and Lady Cylyria would muster a joint army of Elturgaard and send it to retake Greenest.

While doing this they need you to take upon the task to hunt Dargoth Undeadbringer. You should stay away from the fallen villages as they are swarmed by the skeleton horde.

One complication has occurred. The orb disappeared during the night from Sir Garlans private residence. Roland Aelar has gone missing. In addition one of “The Riders” horses is also missing. Enna was last seen in an emotional, but private discussion with Caius – hereafter she disappeared as well.

So status is currently four things are not yet found:

Roland Aelar
His sister Enna Aelar
The Black Orb
Dargoth Undeadbringer

The days are growing darker in the heartlands. Hope is starting to disappear among the people of the lands. Hundreds of people including women and children and hundreds of livestock has been slaughtered….. People are asking “for what means?”, “why us?”, “who is behind this threat?” and last but not least: Who will help us and who will save us?……………………

Blue area = Kingdom of Elturgaard
Yellow cities = Elturgaard controlled cities that has pledge allegiance
Orange city (Ieriaebor) = Elturgaard influenced city

Inside Durlags tower

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Argh, fire, lots of fire.
Restless Craniums with firepower.
Run you fools, run up the stairs.
Acid steps, fire below.
come on, enter the room,I check one door, you check the other.
WOOOW, I close that door, stay chubby!
Quiling, why are you running like that, don´t go in there, maybe you will set off a trap…..too late.
Monsters all over, everything good will come to an end.
There is no hope in Durlags tower, only pain.

Durlags basement part 2

Comments Posted on 26 Nov, 2018 11:54

Where everyone found politics interesting, Gruff only thought of getting back to retrieve leftovers from the fight. And he did, he collected so much that he could exchange the loot to an order of a platemail, a real platemail Gruff size.
Some groupmembers became members of “Lords alliance” others rejected the strains of a membership, all a matter of interests.
Bouw Landers was offered the Hags estate if he promised to clean up after her reign.
Everyone was sticking to their own business when the council called for a gathering. There was a new tssk for the Moonwhispers: enter Durlags tower from the magicdoor we uncovered. But first we should gather information from the halflings in a small village clpse to the tower.
But before take of, someone in the group conspired against Gruffs odour. They bought him new fine clothes with Moradin symbols embroidered in the fabric. Gruff took the bait and he even to a wash, 3 hours did the job to clean him from years of hygiene neglect.
Then it was of to see the halflings in Gullakin.
We arrived late at night and were invited for a feast of brew and mushrooms. That cocktail almost got the party killed when a late encounter from an army of undeads harassed the village in the middle of the night. All being doused from the meal they had a hard time putting up a fight. But in the end the heroes won through ironwill.
We left another village as heroes when will our luck run out?
Reunited with the basement of the tower I guess we all considered it a minor task to enter through the magic door, a door that would only open with a codeword, which Thantul had figured out from our letter and map in dwarvish , Burakin was the word and we could all enter into a tower that is said that noone leaves again.
Tentacles in the dark

Durlags basement

Comments Posted on 25 Nov, 2018 22:12

as we settled in Uldoon we made a few friends, Gruff found an employer in the the Smithy, it is and odd relationship where Gruff works for free and gets yelled at if he arrives late or takes a longer break than expected. Caius makes friends at the council, and he is also very highly thought of by Enna.
Bouw Landers, the monk, has befriended everything that walks the street in Uldoon, even the old woman Narissa.
Kharsus Thantul has done great things with befriending the inn keeper of the crawling cow and he is arranging a big show at the citysquare where Bouw Landers and Kharsus will set up an illusionist/acrobat show.
On one of the following days after our arrival, Roland the wizard, lost our map, it got stolen. We started a search for the Map, but it was hard to make an organized search as bouw and Kharsus practised for their show, Quillin was getting drunk at the inn, Gruff worked very hard at the smithy, so actually the only one searching was our leader, Caius Moonwhisper. He started his search at the citycouncil who had no idea to whom the map could have any interest, but they suggested to copy out of memory. Caius did that but could find no peace not knowing who had stolen the original. He then went to Narissa to ask if she had any knowledge of the map, a map that she had showed some interest in when shown to her.
Caius found her in her garden where he confronted her about the missing map. Nearby, Gruff working at the smithy, saw his friend entering the garden through the opening in the hedge. The next time he looked up from the heat from the forge, Caius was nowhere to be seen and there was no opening to the garden, gruff left the smithy to go check on his friend. No sound came from the garden and Gruff had a difficult time to see any signs of Caius or the old woman, so he drew his axe to cut a hole in the hedge. As he managed to make a peephole in the branches he saw a spectacular sight of a transformed woman who had changed to the worse, beating up the great warrior with the help of her great dog. Gruff decided to join the fight to even out the numbers, but it was a task in itself to get through the hedge, it was as if it was alive and holding him back, but he came through and the two managed to kill of both dog and the old Hag.
She had some interesting things in her possesion, two potions made of the golden crown flower (Raise dead) and some other stuff too.
Somewhere else in town Kharsus and bouw Landers prepared their show, and at night they made a spectacular performance with a mix of acrobatics and illusions with lots of highlights and surely a night to be remembered by most of the citizens of Uldoon.
But they could not rest on their laurels, and only a few days after, sir garlan Lashkar asks the Moonwhispers to investigate the undergroundcaves near durlags tower.
So they took on the journey to durlags tower leaving without Quilling who had other matters to attend to.
It was no easy task to enter the the caveopening they found near Durlags tower, all around there was goblins and hobgoblins on the lookout. But the heroes managed to enter after quite a beating, but it will only be remembered that they killed of two major enemies, first it was Marzick the devastator a huge hobgoblin leader and after that it was an even bigger foe, Marzicks boss, Azzok the hobgoblin warlord, who fell at the hands of Caius Moonwhisper who fell him with a great swing to Azzoks neck.
now the moonwhisperers were underneath durlags tower and they found themselves starring at an amazing metal doubledoor emanating magic abjuration and the only attempt to open the door missed greatly.
Caius and Gruff to notes of the Dwarven runes that was written in the stones around the door, for examination later, now it was time to return to Uldoon.

The old hag

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After freeing the old temple from its captives, we spend a few days in Uldoon trying to get some new aquaintencies. Our monk, very curious fellow, applied for a job at the old druids office. The old hag, Narissa, playing blind woman, had a smaller task that he could finish. He got all excited and promised that everyone would join him in the search for a plant, the exitement that great that he forgot to ask about payment.But its ok , she is old and we should help an old woman in need of help.
Everyone was trying to make themselves useful, the paladin made contact with the nobles, the dwarf seeked out the dwarven smithy, our handyman was making friends at the bar and so we all made an effort to blend in.
Back to our job, the description said”find a golden crown flower in the old ruins in the forest” and that was what we intended to do.
I guess we all thought it to be a piece of cake to pick up a flower, but the woods around here are filled with bad ass creatures. We fought bees, wasps and other humungus insects, I wonder if something strange is going on with alle the giantbugs in one place.
But we survived as well as we survived the devilish quicksand around the ruins.
In the ruins we almost lost a fight, as we entered a hidden basement. It was occupied by the worst beasts one could ever imagine, giant scorpions. They really gave us a beating but in the end, with help from Moradin we managed to kille the stingers. We also found some valuables that should help us on other quests in the future.
We found the plant and headed for Uldoon.
Strong group with interesting people.
Looking forward to many adventures ahead of us.

Not to Forget to mention the strange Long dead Mind Flayer – which made an impression specially on Gruff that had to separate the head from its body. With a last words note left on the table.. the last words of Ruas-Uli former lord, escaped from his own larger residence that starts with a “D…” and end with the dried out blood from the Mind Flayers hands.

In addition to the nice magical items in the Mind Flayers Bag of Holding – you also found a very strange looking piece of parchment with a handwritten map drawn on it. It must have been important as it was sealed of in an ornamented expensive looking silver scroll case.

Village of Uldoon and person gallary

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The NPCs

Roland Aelar – Mage, older brother to Enna
Enna Aelar, Rogue, younger sister to Roland

Ulfgar Silversword, Senior Knight
“By the edge of my fathers merciful sword, may Tyrs justice fall upon thee…”

The Villians:
Marzick the devastator, hobgoblin leader.

Baldurs Gate:
Merchant “Sorcerous Supplies” shop owned by The Mage Rivalen Blackhand
Shop Manager, Gilligun the mage

The Village of Uldoon:

Governor – Sir Garlan Lashkar, Noble Knight from Scornubel

Village Council:
Sir Garlan Lashkar
Harim Hilltop
Gharlan Goldtooth
Father Bronn

Notable citizens:
Behren “Two Axe”, Veteran and Captain of City guard / Leader of “the Riders”
The Riders: Glenn, Marlan, Koron and Helen
Innkeeper Betsy – twin sister to Brian
Tavern keeper Brian of the “Crawling Cow” tavern – twin brother to Betsy
Blacksmith Barly – Mountain Dwarf, Son of Darin
Harim Hilltop – Halfling farmer
Father Bronn and his son apprentice Aldark
Gharlan Goldtooth – Half-elf merchant and owner of the Village Store
Larissa – “The Blind Women”, old strange women

Moonwhispers part 1

Comments Posted on 02 Nov, 2018 11:05

And so it happened that the Moonwhispers took off as watchmen on the Uldoon trail, and they sucked at it. First encounter and everything went wrong. Some were fighting the goblins who attacked the caravan, others gave up, by all standards, it was ridiculous.
But the one thing the enemy did wrong was to let us live, that is gonna cost them in the long run. The good thing was that we actually had a learning curve and when you start low there is a chance of going up and so we did.
After the rescue from the Goblincamp we came to the city of Uldoon and were had great lodging there, as always “free stuff” comes with a price and the city mayor Sir Garland, sweettalked Caius Moonwhisper into service, and by doing that we all became involved.
“Just a little job, they said”, almost 3 of us died in the process. Never have we seen rats like that, they were so disgusting, and big. But we did it, we found missing townsfolk and we freed the the old catacoms and the Chaunteashrine. There were some issues within the group, one were blamed for being a little unhygenic and smelly, another seemed to run away from a fight, but seen overall the group worked well together. Now everyone is taking a rest at the citycouncils expence. Gruff Grimcleaver is spending time in the church of Chauntea were he studies the shrines of the other Gods, Gond and Tyr. Gruff works hard as a forge cleric to make a name of himself, but somehow it seems that all of his good intentions to help the townsfolks of Uldoon, as very few residents has the capability to understand him as he only writes and understands Dwarvish, and it seems as if people has regrets to ask for his service, but that won’t stop Gruff from being helpful.

THE BLACK ORB – Revenge of Lord of Bones

Comments Posted on 02 Nov, 2018 10:31

Så er der genoprettet en ny blog til brug for at skrive game sessions referater. Regin/Gruff har meldt sig som blog skribent – men I andere er selvfølgelig velkommen til at tilføje indlæg.

Det kunne være indlæg om jeres karakterers holdninger eller gerninger “in-between” sessions.. eller downtime aktiviteter.


The Ending of Tiamats Reign

Comments Posted on 29 May, 2016 12:15

Guden Tiamat’s fysiske avatar er dræbt og gudens essens er fordrevet fra Faerun og sent tilbage til The Abyss. Tiamats temple i Well of Dragons er styrtet i grus.

Dette takket været en broget gruppe af individer: Half-Elf Barden Laucian Stardust, Human Cleric / Fighteren “Red Eye” Jim Duggan – , Half Elf Paladinen Sir Belkas Shieldheart, Human Monk/Roguen Vargas Tenebris og sidst men ikke mindst Half Elf Storm Sorcereren Almus Sumdar. Gruppen som i folkemunde senere blev kendt som “Tiamats Bane”. Dagen for Tiamats bortgang blev senere opkaldt “Faeruns Liberation day” og fjeres hvert år i hele Faerun.

The Dragon Lands som dækkede Tiamats realm på Faerun og strakte sig fra det vestlige Cormyr og helt til Baldurs Gate og op til Waterdeep – bestod langt tid efter Tiamats bortgang. Men det forandrede døde og uvelkomne land begyndte langsomt at vende tilbage til normalen. Vejret blev normaliseret og fire portaler, elementalts og sulfur søerne forsvandt. Dette medførte at dyrelivet langsomt vendte tilbage. Flere større Druid ceremonier blev afholdt med deltagelse af de mægtigste Druider på Faerun for at fremskynde denne process med Chaunteas støtte og kræfter.

Det var i lang tid stadig forbundet med stor fare at færdes i regionen på grund af en overnormal representation af Chromatic Dragons. Men indbyrdes stridigheder og magtkampe mellem de ældste drager medførte at flere ældre drager med deres følge af yngre drager drog væk tilbage til de mere fjerne områder de var kommet fra. Tilbage til deres respektive Dragon lairs som havde stået tomme i et stykke tid.

De store flygtninge lejre udenfor Waterdeep bestod længe efter. Men i Waterdeep blev det 10 Council afholdt med deltagelse af alle faktionerne der havde deltaget i krigen. Dette Council blev også symbolet på dagen for “the great return of the free people”. På dette Council blev en plan lagt for i hvilke etaper og rækkefølge hver by i Dragon Lands skulle bosættes igen. Med hjælp fra fælleshære kunne befolkningen eskorteres tilbage til byerne og et fælles koordineret forsvar af alle byer blev sat op for at kunne modstå eventuelle angreb fra de drager der måtte være tilbage.

Langsomt men sikkert vendte livet tilbage til byerne og verden kom til at ligne sig selv på trods af at intet bliver helt det samme igen.

Hvad skete der med Tiamats Bane? Gruppen brød eftersigende op kort efter og tog aldrig mere på mission sammen. Sidste gang de blev set sammen i offentligheden var til en stor hyldest foran Waterdeep Castle efter det 10 Council.

Barden Laucian Stardust
Bosatte sig i Waterdeep og oprettede “Stardust Musical College”. En musikskole som blev anerkendt og som yngere og håbefulde Barder rejste til – især for at høre historierne og sangene om gruppen “Tiamats Bane” bedrifter samt den legendariske “hymne of Stardust” om hvordan den endelige kamp og Tiamats død forløb og Laucian Stardust “afgørende” rolle i kampen.

Cleric/Fighteren Red Eye” Jim Duggan
Forsvandt eftersigende tilbage til Calisham og syden med sin elsker Kira. Han blev sidst set ride bort på sin krigselefant ud af sydporten i Waterdeep. For øvrigt samme aften som der udbrød en større brand på “The Raging Lion Inn”. Kroen som indtil da havde tjent som samlingssted for “Tiamats Bane”. Krobestyren blev fundet død i flammerne uden hoved. Rygtet på gaden sagde også at Kira skulle være med barn selvom de ikke var gift.

Paladinen Sir Belkas Shieldheart
Den noble paladin blev en fast del af Waterdeep og trak sig tilbage i sit mansion i Waterdeep. Belkas fik bragt stor ære til Shieldhart familienavnet og hans tro væbner Lester blev genoplivet ved en større ceremoni. Lester som også fik stor hæder og med Sir Belkas egne ord havde været en “afgørende faktor” i Gruppens success. Rygtet på gaden vil vide at Sir Belkas med tiden blev en af de Hidden Lords of Waterdeep.

Monk-Roguen Vargas Tenebris
Den retmæssige ejer af kroen Raging Lion Inn. Mærkeligt nok valgte han aldrig at genopbygge kroen efter branden og forlod den kort tid efter. Efter sigende kun i det tøj han gik i og med sit sværd i hånden. Inden da havde hans navn også været indblandet i en række mystiske dødsfald i gaderne omkring kroen i den nordøstlige del af Waterdeep. Men det blev aldrig efterforsket og blev betragtet som onde tunger, da Vargas jo blev anset som folkehelt. Senere udtalte Sir Belkas at han havde været bekymret i længere tid for Vargas sindstilstand da han nærmest var paranoid og behandlede hans sværd han havde fundet i Darkhold som en levende rejsekammerat.
Længere tid efter dukkede hans navn op i fortællinger fra Cormyr. Fortællinger om Vargas der eftersigende skulle have indtaget en betydende plads i toppen af Zhentarim organisationen og nu var blevet ruler af Darkhold Castle.

Sorcereren Almus Sumdar
Forsvandt også fra Warterdeep. Ingen ved hvornår han egentlig forsvandt eller hvorhen. Hans forsvinden udløste en større diplomatisk krise mellem Dværgene i Mithral Hall og Waterdeep. Hans forsvinden var nemlig sammenfaldende med hvornår Crystal Shard forsvandt fra Dværgekongens varetægt mens han deltog i det 10 Council. Flere år senere dukkede hand navn op igen i forbindelse med et større slag i det nordlige Silver Marches. Her skulle han eftersigende være den ultimative hersker over en større hær af orcs, ogres, goblins og flere giants. Alt sammen styret udfra et stort grønt krystaltårn. Hans Hær mødte en samlet dværgehær i det der blev kendt som “50 dages slaget”. Almus “the evil conquerer” blev aldrig fundet blandt de døde.

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